Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre USB Audio Interface


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Quick overview

The Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB is an audio interface that features 18-inputs and 8-outputs. This interface has been designed to give you high-quality recordings with low-noise and distortion alongside a smooth frequency response across the whole spectrum.

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The Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB is an audio interface that comes with 18-inputs alongside 8-outputs and features specially designed high performing, low-noise (-128dB EIN) microphone pre-amplifiers with super-low distortion and has a linear design that guarantees a crystal clear, open transparent sound which gives an accurate representation of your original performance. This interface boasts a 119dB dynamic range as well as a smooth frequency response across the whole spectrum and can now be experienced with any Mac or PC thanks to the USB 2.0 connection.

The Clarett range is critically-acclaimed for its excellent sound quality; this is partly due to the specially designed microphone pre-amplifiers with the unique ‘Air’ effect when this effect is enabled the mic pre-amps work to reproduce the input impedance, clarity and frequency response curve of the original ISA microphone pre-amp. You also get Focusrite’s ultra-precise digital conversion, a carefully balanced noise floor, huge dynamic range, smooth frequency response and super-low distortion, all working together to give you the best possible sound to and from your DAW. The Clarett 4Pre USB also comes with loads of free software including: Addictive Keys, Focusrite’s Red Plug-In Suite, Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite’s Plug-In Collection, 2GB of Loopmasters Royalty-free Samples, and Focusrite Control.

The Clarett 4Pre USB allows you to capture every detail and subtle nuance thanks to the decades of analogue circuit design experience that is applied to the 24-bit/192kHz analogue-digital and digital-analogue converters and delivers a far superior signal path than its similarly-priced counterparts. The four microphone/line inputs feature gain halo meters that make it super-easy to set the input level, two of the mic/line inputs are high-impedance which means they can record super-hot pickups without any unwanted distortion. This interface also features four fixed inputs while the ADAT input supports an additional eight channels when combined with a multi-channel microphone pre-amplifier such as the Clarett OctoPre. The outputs on the 4Pre include two monitor outputs with anti-thump technology, a headphone output with volume control and two line outputs as well as a MIDI in/output. 

Two professional-quality Clarett⁺ preamps

Preamplifiers with a lot of headroom, minimal distortion, and ultra-low noise allow you to capture crystal-clear and powerful recordings.

Make vocals shine with All-analogue Air

By setting the impedance to 2.2k and adding two cumulative high shelves, each preamp emulates the old Focusrite ISA 110, giving you an extra 4dB of gain in the higher frequencies of the audio spectrum.

New and improved A-D and D-A converters

With high-performance, separate A-D and D-A converters that offer low noise, low distortion, and a wide dynamic range, you can capture more accurate recordings wherever you are.

Powerful and transparent headphone output

Produce your strongest mixes and recordings, as well as inspire spectacular performances, with an enhanced headphone output that delivers a flat frequency response at all settings for any type of headphones.

JFET instrument inputs

Guitar amp inputs are emulated by dedicated, ultra-high-impedance JFET instrument inputs with an exceptionally broad audio bandwidth, preserving the genuine tone and character of guitars.

ADAT optical input

To make the most of Clarett+ 2Pre, connect it to ADAT-compatible outboard gear, such as Clarett OctoPre, which has eight channels of digital expandability.

USB-C bus-powered

Bus power is provided through the USB-C connector. A 15W USB-C port is required.

Software bundle

With the bundled virtual instruments and mixing plug-ins, you'll get studio-quality results with ease.

Focusrite Plug-in Collective

You may sign up to receive frequent discounts and access to the most innovative software products.

Focusrite Control

Clarett+ is controlled by a feature-rich and easy-to-use software for PC, Mac, and iOS devices.

Included Software

Brainworx bx console is a meticulously accurate emulation of the Focusrite Studio Console. When Sir George Martin requested Rupert Neve for bespoke modules for the AIR Montserrat studios, he came up with the ISA 110. Due to the overwhelming success of the ISA 110, Focusrite decided to create a complete Studio Console based on the ISA sound. Today, the bx console Focusrite SC plug-in has faithfully reproduced this sound. Run this over every channel in your mix for the full Focusrite experience, complete with channel-to-channel variation.

Plug-in Suite for Red 2 and Red 3 – Accurately mimic Focusrite's iconic Red range equaliser and compressor hardware, allowing you to take advantage of the originals' legendary sound without leaving your audio application. The original Red 2 and Red 3 are still treasured fixtures in professional recording studios all around the world, coveted by producers and engineers for their outstanding clarity and flexibility. Now you may simply and flexibly include these famous pieces into your own mixes.

Plug-in Collective — When you register any Focusrite gear, you receive access to some of the most cutting-edge music software companies available. Plug-in Collective keeps you up to speed with the latest tools by providing new free downloads and substantial discounts every couple of months.

Mic Inputs

  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.03dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS, +20dB gain): -110dB
  • Noise EIN: -129dBu
  • Max input level: 18dBu
  • Gain range: +57dB

Line Inputs (Variable)

  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.05dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS, min gain): -100dB
  • Max input level: 26dBu
  • Gain range: +57dB

Line Inputs (Fixed)

  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.05dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range: 118dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS): -100dB
  • Max input level: +18dBu

Instrument Inputs

  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.04dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.15dB
  • Dynamic Range: 116dB
  • THD+N (-1dBFS, min gain): -96.5dB
  • Max input level: 15dBu
  • Gain range: +57dB

Line & Mon Outputs

  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: ± < 0.02dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: ± < 0.02dB
  • Dynamic Range: 124dB
  • Max Output level: 18dBu
  • THD+N: -106dB

Headphone Outputs

  • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: <0.06dB
  • Frequency Response 20-35kHz: <0.07dB
  • Dynamic Range: 118dB
  • THD+N: -104dB
  • Max Output level: 16dBu

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