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Pioneer DJS-1000 Stand-alone DJ Sampler


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Quick Overview

The Pioneer DJS-1000 is a powerful stand-alone DJ sampler that guarantees to enhance your artistic qualities and push your DJ performances to the next level.

Pioneer DJS-1000 stand-alone DJ sampler
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Pioneer DJ announce their new product release the Pioneer DJS-1000, a powerful stand-alone DJ sampler that guarantees to enhance your artistic qualities and push your DJ performances to the next level. Combine with the NXS2 setup to increase the power of traditional mixing with powerful live performance sampling, with samples of your choosing, and unlock even more creative freedom in the DJ booth.

DJS-1000 Video Introduction

Pioneer's new DJS-1000 sampler is the perfect companion for professional DJs who aspire to push the boundaries in their live sets; by creating unique samples and phrases that can be instantly triggered in perfect harmony as loop sequences through the sampler’s DJ-friendly interface. You can layer kicks, snares, and claps on top of tracks for more impact or add breaks to create awesome new rhythms. You could even add one shot stabs to trigger whenever you feel, this is one truly capable tool that doesn't take away anything from a standard DJ performance, only enhances.

The DJS1000 standalone sampler boasts an array of next-generation features including 16 multicoloured step input keys, 16 durable, colourful performance pads, a 7-inch full-colour touch screen that visually gives you all the essential information that you require to perform fluently, all the inputs and outputs you could wish for, and so much more. This is put together this way to ensure stress-free experience, when navigating samples, sequencing and pad performance, to ensure the best performance.

When combining Pioneer's DJS 1000 to your set-up, you can blend additional elements to your tracks to create edits and remixes live on the fly. Combine vocals, acapellas, one-shots and loops to add distinctive layers and individuality to your DJ  performances. You can also take advantage of the onboard effects to add even more live processing to your performance samples should you desire.


Main Features

Full-colour 7-inch LCD touch screen display

Pioneers new Hybrid Player features an LCD full-colour 7-inch touch screen display featured at the top of the unit. This is where the user can access either the Home Screen (displays information regarding the sample allocated to each track through its image/colour that are correlated to the pads), Mixer Screen (where you can modify the volume of each of the tracks) or Sequence Screen (displays the current sequence pattern).

Full-colour 7-inch LCD touch screen display

Straightforward user interface

You cannot fail to see the large sixteen rubber performance pads situated nicely in the centre of the unit. They are extremely robust and each one is multicoloured backlit. They detect velocity precisely which ensures you can turn the volume up or down dependant on the pressure applied. Use the pads to trigger tracks you have allocated loops and samples to.

To the left of the pads is the touch strip where a drum roll can be played using the note repeat feature or the pitch can be modified using the pitch bend feature. The parameters can be adjusted to provide users with numerous creative alternatives.


Under the multicoloured performance pads is the step sequencer. This is in the form of sixteen large step input keys, each of which are multicoloured, making sure you can see the status of the sequence easily.



Performance features

Input sounds can be easily sampled and used straight away as separate tracks thanks to the Live Sampling feature, and from any input source. The sampled sounds can be used directly in a live remix as they are automatically synchronised with the current sequence playing in a loop.

FX such as reverb, echo, and filter can be added to single, group or all tracks effortlessly, meaning the sound can be changed even when on the go.

DJS1000 FX

Precise syncing with external equipment

The Pioneer DJS-1000 is able to accurately sync with other devices through the use of the Beat Sync function. This enables a track playing on a CDJ-200NXS2 or XDJ-1000MK2 set-up using Pro DJ Link to synchronise a performance on the unit via a beat or bar. Furthermore, you can use DJS-1000's clock synchronisation to connect with MIDI devices. It is worth noting that, similar to that on a turntable, the tempo and beat position can be changed via the nudge buttons and tempo slider.
The Sampler has been designed for ease of use and portability within the DJ booth; it would complement the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 very nicely.

djs-1000 set-cdj-2000nxs2 djm-900nxs2 rmx-1000

Other features

The DJS comes with over 2500 Loopmasters samples which are pre-loaded meaning this unit can be used directly from the box.

In addition to this there is support for USB devices, DJS-TSP Project Creator 2 and for project files created on the TORAIZ SP-16. The DJ unit features one L/MONO and R ¼-inch TS jack input, one RCA Thru output, one ¼-inch TS jack output, two ¼-inch stereo jack and 3.5mm stereo mini jack phones, one Type A USB, one Type B USB, one MIDI IN (5p DIN), one MIDI OUT / THRU (5P DIN) and one LAN 100Base-TX link.

DJS-1000 Rear

  • Step sequencer
  • 16 Multicoloured Performance Pads
  • Touch strip
  • 7-inch full-colour touch screen
  • Accurate syncing with various external devices and systems
  • Powerful performance features
  • Perfect fit in the DJ booth

 Playable media:

 USB storage device(flash memory/HDD, etc.)

 Playable file:

 WAV, AIFF (16 bit/24 bit, 44.1 kHz)

 USB storage support file systems:


 Input ports:

 INPUT x 1 (L/MONO and R ¼-inch TS jack)

 Output ports:

 OUTPUT1 x 1 (RCA)
 THRU / OUTPUT2 x 1 (¼-inch TS jack)
 PHONES x 2 (1/4 inch stereo jack, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack)

 Other ports:

 USB (Type A) x 1, USB (Type B) x 1
 LINK x 1 (LAN 100Base-TX)

 Power requirements:

 AC 110–220V (50 Hz/60 Hz)

 Electricity consumption:

 20 W

 Max external dimension
 (W x D x H):

 320.0 mm x 421.6 mm x 110.1 mm


 5.4 kg

The Pioneer DJS-1000 projects are made up of scenes, tracks & patterns. You can store 256 patterns over the 16 tracks, and then 16 tracks per scene. Watch this tutorial to find out more.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Projects

The DJS-1000 has different browse options to load and search for samples. You can scroll through samples to preview them, or you can search using a QWERTY keyboard. Watch this tutorial to find out more.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Browsing

Making beats on the DJS-1000 is easy using the 16 step sequencer. For greater control over patterns, use the dynamic record function to record triggers on the fly. Try adjusting quantise and swing value to give your beats a unique character.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Making Beats

Remix a track live by loading up to 16 loops into a DJS-1000 scene. Create complex and unique arrangements that play perfectly in sync every time. Watch this tutorial to find out more.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Loop Remixing

The DJS-1000 has two types of sync: PRO DJ link and MIDI. You can sync a sequence with a track on a CDJ-2000NXS2, set the DJS-1000 as the master-deck, or even use with a DAW on a laptop. Watch this tutorial to find out more.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Sync & Mix

There are 5 Pad Modes on the DJS-1000, Track Playback, Mute/Solo, Hot Slice, Slice, and Scale. Check out this video to discover the functionality of each Pad Mode, and how they can be used in your performance.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Pad Modes

The DJS-1000 has 8 performance effects: HPF, LPF, DUB ECHO, PITCH ECHO, PITCH, LO-FI, REVERB, PLATE REVERB. You can control each effect with individual sub parameters. Check out this video to find out how to engage and control these effects easily on your tracks.

DJS-1000 Tutorial FX

The Live Sampling function on the DJS-1000 allows you to sample any audio source live. You can then edit, manipulate and effect the sampled recording immediately. Find out how in this tutorial.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Live Sampling

The Touch Strip on the DJS-1000 is a performance feature that allows you to control various effects or parameters. You can set parameters such like: PITCH, REPEAT or choose one of the various effects and save them in the 2 USER modes. Watch this tutorial to find out more.

DJS-1000 Tutorial Touch Strip

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