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Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 Scratch-style 2-channel performance DJ Controller

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Quick overview

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 is a two-channel battle and scratch-style DJ Controller. It is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox, allowing for enhanced open-format DJ performances and a genuine scratching experience.

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The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 is a two-channel battle and scratch-style DJ Controller. It is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox, allowing for enhanced open-format DJ performances and a genuine scratching experience. The big jog wheels allow for delicate and precise scratching when combined with the DDJ-REV5's sturdy and smooth MAGVEL FADER. Open-format DJs worldwide have adopted this setup style, which features long tempo sliders running horizontally above the deck sections and the Performance Pads and Lever FX located in the mixer area.

The controller comes with Stems control buttons that allow you to play or mute individual elements of music, such as drums or vocals, making it ideal for live mash-ups and remixes.

The DDJ-REV5's first-ever Auto BPM Transition allows for seamless track mixing over a change in BPM, allowing for greater creative freedom. This new function enables you to choose songs without being limited by BPM ranges by adjusting their tempo smoothly over a set number of beats. 

In addition, the new Piano Play provides an interactive musical experience where a cue point can be triggered in various semitones, with the 16 Performance Pads laid out similarly to that of a piano keyboard. 

rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro are both supported by the DDJ-REV5. Just connect the controller to your computer and launch your favourite DJ software to get started.

Dynamic scratching is made possible by the large jog wheels and MAGVEL FADER

The DDJ-REV5 combines an authentic scratch experience with cutting-edge capabilities, allowing you to scratch, battle, and perform efficiently and confidently. The huge jog wheels are responsive, reliable, and easy to operate; they have the same feel as the jog wheels on vintage CDJ units, and each one features a display with a playhead position so you know exactly where you are in the song at all times. The Jog Feel feature allows you to adjust the "weight" of the jog wheel to your preference. If you want to scratch precisely, the MAGVEL FADER is sleek, sturdy, and ready to interpret every minute movement you make.

Scratch-based designs for open-source flexibility

To mimic the PLX Series deck + DJM-S Series mixer combinations favoured by open-format DJs around the world, the DDJ-REV5 places the lengthy tempo sliders in a horizontal orientation above the deck sections, while the Performance Pads and Lever FX are located in the mixer area for dynamic performances. Because the pads, levers, and faders are all so close together, scratching and pad play may be seamlessly combined.

Intuitive Stems management using dedicated buttons

The DDJ-REV5's Stems buttons make creating live mash-ups and remixes easy. Within the program, your tracks will be broken down into individual Stems that you may play independently from one another. In Serato DJ Pro, these are the vocals, melody, bass, and drums; in rekordbox, they are the vocal, drum, and inst (additional instruments including bass and synths).

Silent/Alone Stems

You can quickly and easily make your mash-ups by soloing or muting the various Stems. To create a mash-up, you could play the instrumental portion of one track on deck 1 and the vocal portion of another track on deck 2, for example. 

Stems Separate

Create live remixes by isolating individual Stems of a song and playing them again on multiple decks. Deck 1 may feature the instrumental version of a song, whereas Deck 2 would feature scratched vocals. Alternatively, you could pick a certain Stem to manipulate individually. 

Level of Stems

To change the volume of individual Stems, use the EQ knobs.

Stems can be used in tandem with Deck Move, which allows the transfer of tracks across decks, and Dual Deck, which lets you control both decks at the same time. This makes creating and managing numerous simultaneous live mash-ups and remixes simple.

Automatic Beat Reduction (BPM) for Seamless Mixing

The DDJ-REV5's new Auto BPM Transition feature makes it simple to mix between musical genres that typically have pretty distinct tempos. When you push the dedicated button, the currently playing track will gradually change tempo to match the track loaded to the other deck, allowing you to seamlessly mix or drop in the new track at the ideal time. The new song's tempo will blend in without breaking the flow of the old one. You can also schedule controls like Stems, Auto Loop, and Key Lock to take effect during the change. 

Since the tempo slider is automatically adjusted, you will have more influence over the music.

The brand-new Piano Play option allows for impromptu musical performances

The DDJ-REV5's new Piano Play mode makes it easier than ever to express oneself musically. Similar to Pitch Play, the 16 Performance Pads can be used to trigger a cue point in a variety of semitones. However, in this mode, the pads appear like a piano keyboard, with the "white" keys located on the lower row and the "black" keys on the upper row. You can choose from three different scales, and the reorganised tones will make it easy for you to perform a melody even if you know nothing about music theory or scales.

Plug-and-play support for Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox

You can begin DJing immediately using the software of your choice. Connecting the DDJ-REV5 to a computer running the current version of Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox enables you to use either software without paying a fee or requiring a licence key. Also included is a voucher for the Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ add-on.

Variety of inputs and outputs

The DDJ-REV5's many inputs and outputs, including an XLR master out ideal for usage in professional settings, let it serve as the hub of a more extensive setup. Having two PC/Mac USB Type-C ports means DJs can switch between PC/Mac with the flip of a switch.

Combining analogue with digital design aesthetics

The DDJ-REV5's innovative design pays homage to open-format DJing and scratch culture while nurturing fresh inspiration. Each jog wheel's top panel has a vinyl record-like texture to give you a genuine scratching experience, and the fader section is shielded by a thick metal panel that can endure even the most vigorous scratch performances. As a visual representation of a track composed of 4 parts, the Stems-specific control buttons are in the shape of lines. The DDJ-REV5's form differs from previous versions; the controller's angular corners hint at the wide range of additional options it provides.

  • Software: Serato DJ Pro, rekordbox
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • S/N ratio:
    • 110 dB (USB)
    • 95 dB (LINE)
    • 89 dB (PORTABLE)
    • 81 dB (MIC1 & MIC2)
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.003% dB (USB)
  • Input/Output terminals:
    • Inputs: AUX x 1 (RCA x 1), MIC x 2 (XLR & 1/4″ TRS jack x 1, 1/4″ TRS jack x 1)
    • Outputs: MASTER x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1), BOOTH x 1 (1/4″ TRS jack x 1), PHONES x 2 (1/4″ stereo jack x 1, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1)
    • USB: USB Type-C x 3 (PC/Mac connection x 2, power supply x 1)
  • Power supply: AC adapter (DC 5 V, 3.0 A / DC 9 V, 3.0 A / DC 12 V, 3.0 A / DC 15 V, 3.0 A / DC 20 V, 2.25 A)
  • Power consumption: 3 A
  • Maximum dimensions (W x D x H): 736 x 377.2 x 73.4 mm / 29.0″ x 14.9″ x 2.9″
  • Weight: 6.2 kg / 13.7 lb
  • Accessories:
    • Power cord x 1
    • AC adapter x 1
    • USB cable x 1 (C to C)
    • Serato DJ Pro Pitch 'n Time DJ voucher × 1
    • Quick Start Guide x 1
    • Precautions for use x 1
    • Warranty (selected regions only) x 1

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