Pioneer DDJ Series

Pioneer DDJ

Welcome to The DJ Shop Pioneer DDJ series page. On this page you will find details of the brilliant DDJ range including the introductory Pioneer DDJ-SB, the sleek DDJ-SR, the revolutionary Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and the optimised DDJ-SZ, not to mention the industry leading software Serato DJ!

The Pioneer DDJ range comes with a full version of Serato DJ software, excluding the DDJ-SB, which comes with Serato Intro. Pioneer have included up to 8 performance pads through out the DDJ range which can be used to trigger hot cues, roll, slicer and samples. The Pionner DDJ range allows the DJ to get more creative with the mix, providing a whole new dimension to DJing.

Pioneer DDJ-SB DJ Controller Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller Pioneer DDJ-SZ DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SB is the first in the range of the controllers. The DDJ-SB is the entry level controller which comes with Serato Intro. Starting at £199 the DDJ-SB offers Pioneer build quality at a low price. The DDJ-SB is even more compact and portable than the premium DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR controllers, yet it offers the same intuitive operability with plug-and-play access to the bundled Serato DJ Intro software’s Loops, Hot Cues, Samples and FX. Alternatively DJs can purchase the full Serato DJ with plug-and-play...........

The DDJ-SX2 starting at £829 is the updated version of the Pioneer DDJ-SX with the addition of some awesome features to take control of the new Serato Flip expansion pack (supplied completely FREE with the DDJ-SX2). The fresh Pioneer DDJ-SX MK2 has complete control of Serato's new Flip software using the 6 slots to store 6 sequences to be played at anytime. With 3 buttons to cover the Record (start/stop), Start (start/stop loop) and Slot (store). The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is also DVS upgrade ready...............

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is the two-channel DJ controller, which is the more compact and slimline version of the DDJ-SX. The DDJ-SR adopts the same features of the DDJ-SX but with added innovative functions allowing for new sounds, seamless mixing and effects. The Pioneer DDJ-SR is the next controller up in the range, starting at £499 which includes a full version of Serato DJ. The Pioneer DDJ-SR delivers all the superior performance features of the top-flight four-channel Digital DJ SX (model name: DDJ-SX).............. The Pioneer DDJ-SZ four-channel pro controller takes all the top features of its stable mate the DDJ-SX and enhances them to deliver the best live performance experience available. It is the only controller with an On Jog Display which introduces a unique digital sticker illumination with cue point countdown and track playback position.  This enables DJs to perform precision scratches without looking at their laptop screen. In addition to this, the full-sized jog wheels feature includes jog feeling........

Serato DJ

Serato is industry leading DJ Software which has paired up with Pioneer to bring you Pioneers range of Digital DJ Controllers. A full version of Serato DJ comes with all models of the digital controllers apart from the introductory DDJ-SB, which comes with an intro version. Serato allows you to manage all your music within the software e.g. creating playlists. Serato allows cue points to be set and saved for each track and there are a whole range of effects to choose from, enabling you as the DJ to become more creative.