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This Hercules DJ equipment bundle includes:

  • 1 x Inpulse 200 2-Channel DJ Controller
  • 2 x Mackie CR4-X Active DJ Speakers
  • 1 x HDP DJ 45 DJ Headphones
  • 1 x Free Cables
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This beginner Hercules DJ equipment bundle is perfect for new and aspiring DJs thanks to the range of high-quality functionalities and controls that allows you to perform with creativity while integrated ‘Light Guides’ work to help you beatmatch so you’ll always be time, the package also includes a range of tutorial videos that teach you how to DJ as you play. This package consists of an Inpulse 200 2-channel DJ controller as well as a pair of Mackie CR4-X 4-inch loudspeakers plus a set of HDP DJ M.40.1 DJ headphones; this provides you with all the gear required for a complete DJ setup.

The Inpulse 200 is a 2-channel DJ controller that comes equipped with two deck sections alongside a central mixer section and is fitted with a wealth of high-quality controls for manipulating your tracks. This controller is one of the first to teach you how to DJ as you play thanks to the addition of integrated ‘Light Guides’ so you can stay in time and smoothly beatmatch. Each of the deck sections are equipped with a slick jog wheel that enables you to quickly navigate your way through a track as well as pitch bend and can even be used to scratch when the scratch functionality is turned on while eight performance pads per deck let you trigger hot cues, rolls, pad FX, and samples for on-the-fly remixing and creative track manipulation. The central mixer section comes with two channels each fitted with an up-fader alongside a 2-band EQ with bands for low and high frequencies and a dedicated filter control offer both high and low pass filtering options while a browser control lets you navigate your way through your digital music collection with an ‘Intelligent Music Assistant’ that suggests the best tracks to play next.

Mackie CR4-X

The Mackie CR4-X speakers come equipped with a 4-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter which both works in perfect unison to deliver an excellent sound with powerful low-frequency response and crisp high frequencies. The CR4-X DJ speakers are designed to give you a premium sound and have been constructed using a combination of high-quality components with a professional build quality that is both robust and super-sleek. The super-wide 70Hz – 20kHz frequency response ensures you can easily hear most of the audible frequency spectrum with a substantial low-end and a pristine high-end. A convenient front panel provides you with an on/off switch alongside a volume control and a power ring that shows you if the system is on while a front-facing headphone jack auto-defeats the speaker output and gives you tactile headphone volume control.

HDP DJ 45 DJ headphones

The HDP DJ 45 DJ headphones come equipped with large 50mm drivers that work to perfectly encapsulate your ears providing you with exceptional sound isolation so you can monitor your cue’d tracks with ease in any environment without hearing unnecessary surrounding and ambient noise. These headphones come with high sensitivity that, when combined with the strong audio output means you continually get a powerful sound with accurate bass reproduction and low impedance that ensures you will get an excellent signal at all times. The fully flexible headband will easily conform to any head shape/size with pivoting ear cups that are fitted with large, super-comfortable ear pads providing you with total comfort so you can wear the headphones for long periods without feeling fatigued while also shielding you against ambient noises.

Hercules Inpulse 200 Features:


  • Integrated built-in audio interface
  • Master out for speakers: 2 RCA
  • Headphones out: 1/8” stereo (3.5 mm)

Controls Per Deck

  • 2 decks
  • Jog wheel: vinyl feeling with touch detection.
  • 4 pads x 4 modes (hot-cue, roll, fx, sampler).Loop in/loop out keys
  • Browser controls: Rotary encoder + 2 load keys + Assistant key

Controls On Mixer

  • 1 filter, 2 EQ, 1 gain knob, 1 volume fader/deck
  • Crossfader, master volume, headphones
  • Beatmatch Guide
  • Tempo guide: light guide along the tempo fader
  • Beat Align guide: light guide below the wheel


  • Assistant: suggests tracks from your library
  • Energy: helps to host your parties — get people dancing with high-energy tracks, Slow
  • things down with lower-energy tracks
  • Trending songs: display a list of the best upcoming songs to play, suggested by DJUCED® Artificial Intelligence

Mackie CR4-X Key Features:

  • Studio-quality design, sound, and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment
  • Stream music from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device
  • Professional-grade components for optimised sonic performance
  • 50w of clean, articulate stereo sound
  • 4-Inch polypropylene coated woofer and 0.75 ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeter
  • Ultra-wide frequency range perfect for full-range multimedia (70Hz - 20kHz)
  • Convenient front panel volume knob with lit power ring gives you on/off/volume control and power indication where you need it
  • Plug your smartphone or another audio source right into the front of the speakers and listen instantly
  • Front-facing headphone jack auto-defeats speaker output and provides tactile headphone volume control
  • A choice of inputs for simple connection to almost any audio source (Bluetooth, 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch, RCA)
  • Smooth waveguide design delivers unmatched clarity and sound dispersion at all listening levels
  • Custom-tuned rear ports for smooth, even bass extension
  • The all-wooden cabinet provides a natural sonic character superior to low-grade plastic designs
  • Included accessories: Acoustic isolation pads, 1/8-inch to stereo RCA cable, speaker to speaker cable

Hercules HDP DJ 45 Features:

  • Optimal Sound Isolation
  • Comfortable and Powerful
  • Optimised for DJs
  • Excellent for use on the move

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