3 Months Free SoundCloud Go+ for Denon DJ Prime Series Users

16 February 2021

Denon DJ has announced a fantastic offer where PRIME Series Users get 3 months of FREE access to SoundCloud Go+. For three months, you will get full access to their entire catalogue, have the ability to save unlimited tracks for offline listening, have access to high-quality audio and enjoy it being ad-free.

The SoundCloud Go+ streaming service correctly serves the needs of standalone devices using Engine OS. SoundCloud Go+ offers users regular quality playback at 128kb/s MP3 and high-quality playback at 256kb/s AAC options. When set up, full access is granted to access the whole of SoundCloud’s library including their tracks, albums, playlists, liked tracks, followed artists, play history and SoundCloud’s very own curated playlists. Critical performance data such as Hot Cues, Key, Loops and BPM are all saved to the source drive, which means it can be recalled instantly the next time the track is played.

This exclusive offer can be used with any of Denon DJ’s PRIME Series including PRIME GO, PRIME 2, PRIME 4, SC6000 and SC6000M. Below is a little overview of each of the consoles and their primary qualities.


The Denon DJ PRIME GO is a 2-deck rechargeable smart DJ console. The GO is a powerful standalone unit that features a rechargeable battery making it super portable and ready for any eventuality. It is crammed with a whole host of features along with a 7-inch touchscreen display. Streaming is effortless thanks to the in-built Wi-Fi, resulting in no laptop, making it ideal for streaming capability, including access to over 60 million songs on TIDAL.

Denon DJ PRIME 2

The Denon DJ PRIME 2 is a 2-deck smart DJ console engineered for the professional club, mobile and event DJ. It is a standalone unit powered by the leading ENGINE OS and features built-in Wi-Fi, ensuring access to streaming services is simple. The PRIME 2 has a 7-inch multi-touch and multi-gesture display, 6-inch jog wheels with HD colour displays, a vast array of FX, EQ and creative workflow controls and a wide range of media source connectivity options.

Denon DJ PRIME 4

The Denon DJ PRIME 4 is a 4-deck standalone DJ system with a powerful multicore processor. It makes for outstanding performances and ensures you are easily connected to your entire music collection. This advanced DJ system includes everything you need to create a powerful performance through using its extensive controls, features, touchscreen workflow capability and 4-deck hardware control.

Denon DJ SC6000

The Denon DJ SC6000 is a professional DJ media player crammed with future resistant DJ performance technology. The feature-rich unit is powered by ENGINE OS and is a professional go to standalone digital media player for club, booth or mainstage DJs. The SC6000 features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, large 8.5-inch jog wheels, performance pads with sophisticated light design, an internal HDD drive and in-built Wi-Fi streaming ability.

Denon DJ SC6000M

The Denon DJ SC6000M is a professional DJ media player with an 8.5-inch motorised platter. The standalone unit is crammed with features including a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, performance pads with sophisticated light display, the motorised platter with torque adjustment, an internal HDD drive and built-in Wi-Fi streaming ability. The SC6000M is fully standalone, which means there is no requirement for a DVS mode laptop, and it comes with a complete set of creative tools that will take your performances to the next level.

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