Introducing Engine DJ 4.0 New Look and Optimised Workflow

17 June 2024

Denon DJ are excited to announce a major update to their Performance View, packed with new features and improvements designed to elevate your DJing experience. Here’s a comprehensive look at what’s new and improved.

Deck View Enhancements

  • Consistent Deck Layout: Whether you're in vertical or horizontal view, standalone mode, or using players, the deck layout is now consistent.
  • Album Art Display: Album art is now conveniently displayed next to the track name, making it easier to identify your tracks at a glance.
  • Switchable Beat Phase / Beat Keeper: This feature is now available as an option on all devices.
  • Key Change Controls: Controls have been added for Reset, Sync, and enable/disable.
  • Lead Status Assignment: Pressing a deck’s BPM can now assign Lead status to that deck.

New Layout Manager

The new Layout Manager allows for deeper customisation of your views:

  • Save and Recall Layouts: Save up to 3 different view layouts and recall them easily.
  • Cycle Through Layouts: Use Shift+View on your hardware to cycle through saved view layouts.
  • Deck and Waveform Views: Independently choose between 2/4 deck and 2/4 waveform views (4 deck units only).
  • Players View Options: Choose from 1 Deck, 2 Decks Stacked, or 2 Deck Grouped.
  • Deck Swap Option: Players can now swap deck and waveform positions (SC5000/M, 6000/M).
  • Performance Library Display: The Performance Library is now available in all view configurations.

Additional Improvements

  • Playhead Position Adjustment: You can now adjust the Playhead Position on the waveforms.
  • Redesigned Elements: The Performance Library, Performance Pads View, Toolbar, and Load to Deck Screen have been redesigned and improved.
  • Trainspotting Mode: Hide track title and artist from the deck for a more streamlined view.

Library Updates

  • Redesigned Search Bar: Switch between searching your entire collection and the current playlist seamlessly. The search button is now consistently located in both library and performance views for quicker access.
  • Expandable Track List: The Expanded Track List now shows more songs and includes full waveform overviews with cues and loops. The playlist tree collapses automatically when focused on the Track List and can be manually toggled with a sidebar button.

Effects Enhancements

  • Touch FX Improvements: Touch FX Filter Echo and Filter Dub Echo now have an additional amount slider for better customisation and control.
  • FX Buttons: FX buttons now flash when engaged.
  • Reset FX: The reset function now sets all parameters to default.
  • Cue/PFL Mix: Filter and noise sweep are now audible in the CUE/PFL mix.

Other Updates

  • Reset Played Tracks: This option is now available in Profile → Display.
  • 24-Hour Clock: Available in Settings → Device.
  • Increased Recording Volume: Recording volume has been boosted by ~8dB across Prime 4, Prime 2, and Prime Go units for more consistent levels.
  • Eject Tracks: Tracks can now be ejected from the deck using Shift-Load on Consoles and Shift-Eject on Players.
  • Improved Beatport/Beatsource Search: Now uses the latest search interface from Beatport.
  • Key Sync: Available on Numark Engine DJ OS devices.
  • Manual Loop Creation: Can now be cancelled mid-creation by pressing the in button again.
  • Collection Update Support: Version 4.0 no longer supports updating collections from 1.x versions. Users must first update to version 3.4 before moving to 4.0 if their collection is sufficiently outdated.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

This update includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, such as:

  • FX/Touch FX Channel Assignments: Fixed pops/clicks when swapping while an effect is active.
  • Prime 4 / Prime 4+ Search Filters: Improved speed.
  • Networked Player Track Display: Fixed blank track issue.
  • Streaming Track Loading: Improved immediacy of track appearance.
  • Loop Region Audio Dropouts: Fixed issue with short audio dropouts when moving a loop region.
  • Grid Editor Waveform Display: Fixed waveform display issue on first track opening.
  • Waveform Stutter: Fixed 20-second stutter issue.
  • Playlist Updates: Improved visibility of updates from a computer source.
  • Echo Effect Engagement: Fixed issue with Echo effect not engaging if another effect’s parameter was adjusted.
  • Dub Echo and Wash Effect: Smoothed intensity jumps.
  • Track Analysis: Ensured tracks are fully analysed before unloading.
  • Amazon Music Decryption: Improved speed when music is already playing.
  • Playlist Navigation: Preserved playlist position when navigating.
  • Dropbox Library Downloads: Improved download process when switching accounts.
  • Streaming Service Login Feedback: Improved messaging for incorrect login credentials.
  • General Stability: Various additional stability and performance improvements.

Engine DJ Preparation Software (Desktop) Updates

  • External Drive Syncing: Improved stability when copying/syncing tracks and playlists.
  • SoundSwitch Library Repacking: Fixed unnecessary repacking issue.
  • Smartlists Handling: Fixed issue with disappearing Smartlists when moved.

Last Thoughts

This extensive update is designed to provide a smoother, more intuitive DJing experience with enhanced features and greater customisation options. Dive in and explore the new capabilities of your Performance View!

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