Denon DJ Releases A New Version Of Engine OS Update v1.5.

3 August 2020

Denon DJ Releases A New Version Of Engine OS Update v1.5.

Denon DJ releases a new version of Engine OS v1.5. There are several new additions to the software update including access to SoundCloud Go+ and Beatport LINK streaming services, a highly accurate onboard BPM detection, a new Quick Source Menu and new microphone abilities. Additionally, there are several usability updates and improvements.

New Streaming Service capability

SoundCloud is the largest platform for digital music, so having the ability to stream directly, without the need for a laptop, makes the Denon Range even more versatile. There is the option for DJs to access their entire SoundCloud library without enlisting any issues, including access to their tracks, playlists, albums, play history and even liked tracks. Performance data, as things such as BPM, Key, Hot Cues and Loops are all saved to the source drive ready to be recalled when needed. SoundCloud Go+ playback options include regular 128kb/s MP3 and high-quality 256kb/s AAC.

As with the other streaming services, Beatport Link does not require a laptop. It gives you access to over nine million tracks, including the option to browse Top 100 playlists, user playlists, latest tracks by genre and specially curated playlists. Essential information can be accessed directly, including BPM, which is displayed in list view when browsing and searching without the need for loading or analysing first. Performance data, including hot cues and loops, are saved to the sourced drive and can be instantly retrieved the next time the track is loaded. The playback options are the same as the others with high-quality 256kb/s AAC and regular/optimised 128kb/s MP3. If you were thinking what about Beatport offline Locker support and the Beatsource LINK service, then it has been reported these will arrive in future updates.

BPM Detection Algorithm

The all-new BPM detection algorithm is a new speedy, and highly accurate analysis tool. Denon’s Engine operated standalone devices are currently the only ones in today's market that offer the onboard capability to analyse files. Users will notice the considerable difference in the accuracy of BPM and beat grid downgrid placement when compared to previous versions. It is worth noting however that tracks will need to be analysed through an Engine OS operated device for the first time, or re-analysed in Engine PRIME v1.5 to benefit from the new algorithm fully.

New Quick Source Menu

With the new Quick Source Menu, users can quickly and effortlessly switch between music sources. In any given session users can connect multiple devices, switch between sources and access any subscribed SoundCloud Go+, TIDAL or Beatport LINK streaming service. The menu is accessible from the library or horizontal waveform view.

Other usability updates and improvements

Engine OS version 1.5 includes several updates including the ability to disable the crossfader on the PRIME GO, control the Microphone Gate Threshold level on the PRIME 4, record microphones on the PRIME 4, PRIME 2 and PRIME GO, swap Split Cue channels on the PRIME GO, and add Split Cue functionality to the PRIME GO.

This newly upgraded software version is compatible with all Engine OS operated devices including Denon DJs PRIME 4, PRIME 2, PRIME GO, SC5000, SC5000M, SC6000 and SC6000M.

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