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Pioneer RMX-500 Multi-Effects Unit (Archived)

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Pioneer RMX-500 Multi-Effects Unit

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Quick overview

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please Click HERE To View the Pioneer RMX-1000.

The Pioneer DJ Remix Station 500 (RMX-500) is a practical, compact and simple-to-use multi-effects unit.  The unit is light in weight and displays a simple layout yet it is packed with top features from its older sibling, the RMX-1000.

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THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please Click HERE To View the Pioneer RMX-1000.

The Pioneer RMX-500 is a practical, compact and simple-to-use multi-effects unit.  The unit is light in weight and displays a simple layout yet it is packed with top features from its older sibling, the RMX-1000.

Using the Customise button, DJs are able to select and save their preferred settings e.g. Scene FX/drum samples efficiently and directly on the system.  The layout features a Rhythm FX section which provides the user with straightforward access to Audio FX and Overdub sequencer.  There is also a Single Flow button which provides DJs with the option to immediately add Scene FX to Rhythm FX.The RMX-500 has designated buttons for five Rhythm FX (with five drum samples), five Audio FX and ten Scene FX.  There are two large knobs, one for Rhythm FX and one for Scene FX.  They are pressure controlled and can be used to modify FX depth and manage the sub-parameters in one smooth move.

The RMX-500 also has the capability of being used as a controller ideal for use with VST/AU/RTAS virtual plug-ins.  The in-built soundcard provides the user with top quality sound output direct from the unit.  Due to it being so light and compact it means the unit is easily transportable.  There are also RCA inputs enabling easy connection to all CDJs in the range and there is the ability to connect an RMX-500 to each CDJ in a set-up.


Simple layout design

The RMX-500 layout features two Pressure Control knobs, an array of simple to use buttons and has been split into three simple areas:

Area 1 - Ten auto-quantized Scene FX

Users have the ability to build the music up by using Echo, Noise, Mod, Reverb Up and Spiral Up.  They also have the ability to break the music down by using High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Spiral Down, Reverb Down and Zip.  Every one of these effects has two possible variations (four for Noise) which can be applied when the Customise button is selected.  Extra echo can be added by selecting the Echo+ button.

Area 2 – Five Rhythm FX (with five drum samples) and five Audio FX

The RMX-500 features five Rhythm FXs with five adaptable drum samples – Kick, Snare, Cymbal, Clap and Hi Hat.  Each of these has six beat/sound variations which are able to be activated during a live performance.  The five Audio FX include – Trans, Roll, Add, Offset and Rev Delay which are all controlled using the Pressure Control knobs.

There is an Overdub button which allows DJs to run their own Rhythm FX and beats when they want.  The Signal Flow modifies the flow of the music and permits the DJ to add Scene FX to the Rhythm FX to the tune currently playing, or, Slice, Dice and repeat processed audio from the Scene FX in the opposite direction.

Area 3 – Three Release FX buttons

The Release FX buttons have been relocated to the centre of the RMX-500 providing DJs easier and more effective access to echo, brakes and backspins.  The Customise button can be used to modify the length and interval of each effect.

Pressure Control Knobs

The two large Pressure Control knobs provide DJs with the simple task of being able to modify entities with ease.  During a triggered effect or drum sample, turning the knob left/right will modify the wet/dry balance and pressing it will alter the sub-parameters.  These knobs also allow for easy access to Multi-layered FXs.

Customise button

Settings and sounds can be directly managed on the RMX-500 itself, without having to connect it to a PC/laptop, by using the Customise button.  Anything that has been modified will be saved when the unit is not in use.  DJs are able to choose from six drum sample variations per sound, decide on the lengths of back spins, brakes and echo, select preferred Scene FX and adjust the Overdub length between 4 and 8 beats.

VST/AU/RTAS control and soundcard

The RMX-500 is very adaptable in that it can be used in the studio as well as within a DJ set-up.  In the studio the unit can be used as a controller for use with virtual VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins, without the need for a keyboard or mouse.  The built-in soundcard and stereo jack produces a top-quality sound output through speakers or headphones.

Other features

  • The RMX-500 can be used as a MIDI controller (MIDI support)
  • Auto BPM
  • Lightweight, sleek and compact meaning it is easily transportable yet it still looks stylish.

X-Stand - able to be mounted on the portable Pioneer T-U101 stand (sold separately)


  • Inputs: Input x 1 (RCA, stereo)
  • Outputs: Output x 1 (RCA, stereo)
  • Headphone Monitor Out: x1 (¼-inch jack)
  • Other ports USB x 1 (B port, stereo 1-in/-out)
  • Sampling rate: 48 kHz
  • A/D and D/A converter: 24-bit
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz ~20 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.006 ~or less ~
  • S/N ratio: 96 dB
  • External dimensions (W x H x D) 306 x 67 x 132 mm
  • Internal Sound card 48 kHz, 16-bit
  • Weight: 0.93kg

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