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sE Electronics GuitaRF


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Quick Overview

The sE Electronics GuitaRF is a reflexion filter for guitar amplifiers however it can be used in a whole range of recording applications.

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The sE Electronics GuitaRF is a reflexion filter for guitar amps yet also acts as an isolator and a double mic stand and can be fine-positioned to suit your needs whether you’re using your favourite large diaphragm condenser mic or a ribbon mic alongside a dynamic or small-capsule microphone. This all-in-one kit has the ability to perfectly align the phase of two microphones for pristine sound.

sE Electronics GuitaRF

For years sound engineers for bands like Black Sabbath, Paramore and The Heartbreakers have been putting a Reflexion Filter in front of their amplifier cabinets helps reduce stage bleed into the guitar mics. This is especially when using microphones with a figure-8 pickup pattern that leaves them vulnerable to whatever else is happening on stage. It doesn’t only help the front of house mix, using a Reflexion Filter on a guitar amp or drums can contribute to making the multitrack of a live show significantly easier.

The LDC/ribbon mounting hardware can be adjusted across three axes, vertical, depth and lateral; allowing you to find the perfect positioning for absolutely any microphone, whether it’s in a shock mount or just a clip. This lets you position both capsules in phase or spread them apart so you can capture sounds at the dust cap as well as the edge of the cone. The entire filter and microphone assembly can be adjusted vertically so you can get it over the perfect spot of the speaker cone, or alternatively, the filter can be removed from its base and fitted to any mic stand for complete flexibility.

Regarding acoustics, the GuitaRf is very similar the sE Electronics best-seller, RF-X. The GuitaRf features a four-layer acoustics filter design made up of a vented outer panel, a layer of acoustic-grade wool, an air gap for low-frequency isolation and an inner layer of acoustic foam. The GuitaRF also includes a built-in pass-through hole with finned rubber grips that will safely hold any dynamic or small capsule microphone on the market.

  • The ultimate isolator for getting the best sound from your amp
  • Four layer acoustic-grade wool with air gaps for excellent isolation
  • Acts as a double mic stand to use combinations of your favourite mic's
  • Ideal for studio and stage use
  • Integrated pass-thru hole with rubber grip for hand-held mic's
  • Flat stand for easy close up positioning
  • Ideal for amps, outside kick drums, hi-hat, snare, vocal and more
  • Manufacturer: SE Electronics
  • Model: GuitaRF Reflexion Filter
  • Material: Composite Panel, Acoustic-Grade Wool, Inner Acoustic Foam, Rubber Pass-Thru Hole

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