Pioneer XDJ Series

 Pioneer XDJ Series

Welcome to The DJ Shop XDJ series page. Here you will find details of the fantastic XDJ range including the brand new and revolutionary Pioneer DDJ-RX as well as the XDJ-1000, XDJ-R1 and XDJ-AERO.

The XDJ range from pioneer fills the gap between the DDJ and CDJ equipment- this provides the computer based DJ with an alternative method to taking their laptop or large home computer on the road to gigs.  

Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ Controller

Pioneer XDJ-1000

Pioneer XDJ-R1

Pioneer XDJ-Aero

The Pioneer XDJ-RX is the first DJ console to display information from two CDJ style players to a single LCD screen. The RX inherits performance features and build quality from the top flight club standard Pioneer DJ Nexus set-up. Auto Beat Loops, studio quality Sound Colour FX and the new Loop Slice are just a few of the cool features that the XDJ-RX has to offer.

The XDJ-1000 is a fantastic digital USB player that focuses on the computer DJ but without needing the use of a laptop computer. The XDJ-1000 boasts a large 7'' colour touch screen which is divided into three sections; BROWSE (includes a QWERTY keyboard for quick searches)  PLAY and PERFORM. The XDJ-1000 is pioneers first touch-screen, USB-only player.

The XDJ-R1 is a cutting edge mult-format DJ controller which has the ability to wirelessly mix and add FX via the DJs' iphone or ipad. The R1 also offers CD and USB playback, MIDI control of DJ software and powerful performance features. Using Rekordbox on the device, the DJ can 'Break-free' from the booth and become more involved with the audience.

The XDJ-Aero is a innovative DJ controller that creates its own WI-FI privately, which can connect up to four controllers simultaneously. Due to the units Wi-Fi capabilities it will allow the audience to send their favourite  music direct to you controller for a more interactive experience all round. The Aero also functions as a standalone mixer and can be used as a MIDI controller.

Pioneer Rekordbox

Rekordbox is a music file management program that allows DJ's to prepare their sets with the XDJ and CDJ Nexus range. The mobile App version allows the user to load music from iPhones, tablets and Android phones. With Rekordbox's automatic BPM analysis it provides a great way for the travelling DJ to set a number of cue and loop points and create playlists which can all be exported effortlessly on to a USB flash drive ready to use on any rekordbox ready CDJ or XDJ Unit.

During your DJ set you can swiftly select chosen tracks, cue points and stored loop points. After a performance the DJ can add comments to their most popular playlist and songs from that set.

Using Rekordbox allows the DJ to leave their laptop and controller at home and just take a USB flash drive to their live performances, where it is common worldwide to find the legendary CDJS (CDJ-2000nexus, CDJ-900nexus CDJ-850, XDJ-1000 and the CDJ-350) all which are compatible with Pioneer’s Rekordbox. Preparation and practice at home or on the go can be translated with ease to the booth with no compatibility issue using the XDJ companion Rekordbox.


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 Rekordbox Official Introduction Video


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