Novation Circuit Synth - Video Tutorials

Looking for that inspiration?  Then look no further than the portable and compact Novation Circuit Groove Box synth

Designed with a four-part drum machine and two Novation polysynths it will ensure your latest electronic music is fast creating and on point.  Circuit can solely be used to create music as an entity due to its built-in speaker and battery operation.  Equally it can run alongside your existing music software and standalone equipment using the MIDI and USB ports.  When inspiration strikes Circuit Grove Box allows you to get your track ideas down fast and effortlessly with the functional design layout of the pad.

Below are a series of short Novation Circuit video tutorials that will inspire the mind and have you making music in no time at all!

Getting started with Drums Mode   Getting started with Pattern Mode

This video shows you the four part drum machine of Circuit, and how you can build a drum beat.


Check out  Circuit's Pattern mode, and how to add variation to your beats.

Getting started with Synth Mode   Getting started - Mixer and FX

Take a look at Circuit's on-board dual poly synthesisers and how to integrate them into a beat.


This is a video showcases the mixer and fx controls that Novation Circuit has to offer.

Novation Launch Reviews 


"...a truly self-contained musical marvel" // "It is without a doubt about the   most musical fun you can have with one box and no computer, and haven’t made music so quickly in 20-odd years of reviewing gear."




"It’s one of the most accessible pieces of gear I’ve ever used”

"Circuit really feels like it’s about intuition, experimentation, and happy accidents"


"Circuit has a broad, quality sound palette, inspiring workflow and a sequencer that bests instruments fourtimes its price”




MusicTech Gear of the Year 2015 | Best Innovation - Novation Circuit





"Designed for optimized creativity, rather than the 'blank slate syndrome' that sitting down in front of a DAW can bring about”