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Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate Music Production Suite

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Quick Overview

Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate builds upon their already well-established collection of synths, instruments, effects, and expansions to bring you even more including there Symphony Series.

Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate


Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate is here, and it is packed with many brand new instruments and effects, as well as some old favourites, that are guaranteed to help any music producer, sound designer, engineer, and composer take their productions to the next level in terms of sonic quality and musicality.

Komplete 12 Video Intro

Among some of the new additions to Komplete 12, the Symphony Series is Native’s highest quality collection of sampled instruments to date. The Symphony Collection is made up of; String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Brass Solo, Woodwind Ensemble, Woodwind Solo, and Percussion. These libraries are designed to integrate well with the all new and included Kontakt 6, NI’s long-awaited update on their industry standard sampler. In addition to this, you also receive other fantastic cinematic tools such as Thrill, the orchestral hybrid morph player, perfect for sound design, driven horror scores. Kinetic Toys is also included and gives users a power collection of toybox and metallic percussion sounds. Komplete 12 Ultimate comes with so many great tools for film scoring and orchestral production and is a great addition to a composers toolbox.

NI’s Komplete 12 Ultimate also features brand new synthesisers TRK-01 and Massive X, the latter being the long-awaited update to the world-famous soft synth. This has quite simply changed the face of electronic music genres, particularly bass music genres. Massive X comes with even more advanced wavetable synthesis controls, as well as greater modulation controls, to build upon its already well-established reputation as one of the best software synths on the market. Besides these excellent new instruments, you also receive the brand new Effects series. The MOD pack, made up of Phasis, Choral, and Flair, and the CRUSH pack, made up of Dirt, Bite, and Freak are powerful new saturation tools that will serve you well in any creative mixing task you require.

K12 Ultimate also comes with established favourites such as Razor, Absynth 5, FM8, and Battery 4. These synthesisers and samplers are the perfect tools for building upon your sound design skills and add a new level of harmonic depth to your music. Also new to K12U is the collection of 20 expansion packs for Maschine, perfect for use with the new Maschine Mk3 Mikro, for programming interesting texture-driven patterns. Besides these incredible functions, Komplete is designed to integrate in-depth with the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards which allow for extensive hands-on visually engaging control over your NKS ready plugins.

Installation is effortless as you can install with the included hard-drive, and load large files and kontakt libraries directly from the HDD, thus alleviating some of your computers CPU-usage by having only the necessary files installed on your computers built-in hard drive. This bundle price saves you an amazing 85% off when all plugins are priced at their individual retail price. Amazing if you are looking to jump into the deep-end and explore all the incredible synths, libraries and effects that Native Instruments has to offer.

  • The ultimate production suite: 1 OD+ premium instruments and effects, more than 45,000 sounds, and over 600 GB of content
  • Save over 85% of the combined cost of all included products
  • MASSIVE X will be made available via download upon its release, at no extra charge
  • KONTAKT 6, the latest version of the world's leading sampler
  • Includes the full SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS-COLLECTION- 6 high-quality orchestral libraries
  • KONTAKT-powered cinematic sound design tools THRILL, and KINETIC TOYS
  • SESSION GUITARIST -ELECTRIC SUNBURST and STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2 add new options for dynamic, playable rhythm tracks and lead parts
  • EFFECTS-SERIES-MOD PACK and CRUSH PACK bring six classic creative effects right up to date with brand new features
  • Established favourites like MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 5, FMB, GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, and many other go-to instruments and effects
  • Easy installation from one hard drive
  • Easy setup, activation, and updating via Native Access
  • Optimised for use with KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard
  • Seamless integration with MASCHINE software and hardware
  • Works with any DAW

What’s Included


Kontakt 6
Reaktor 6


Massive X (available via download when released)

Absynth 5
Reaktor Prism
Reaktor Spark
Retro Machines MK2
Skanner XT

Creative Samplers

Battery 4

Drums and Percussion

Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
Abbey Road 50s Drummer
Abbey Road 60s Drummer
Abbey Road 70s Drummer
Abbey Road 80s Drummer
Abbey Road Modern Drummer
Maschine Drum Selection
Studio Drummer

World Instruments

Middle East
Balinese Gamelan
West Africa

Acoustic Pianos

Alicia’s Keys
The Gentleman
The Giant
The Grandeur
The Maverick
Una Corda

Electric Pianos and Organs

George Duke Soul Treasures
Scarbee A-200
Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet
Scarbee Mark 1
Vintage Organs

Guitar and Bass

Electric Sunburst
Strummed Acoustic 2
Strummed Acoustic
Scarbee Funk Guitarist
Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
Scarbee Jay Bass
Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
Strummed Acoustic
Scarbee MM-Bass
Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
Scarbee Pre-Bass
Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped

Classical Instruments

Session Strings 2
Session Horns


Kinetic Toys
Session Strings Pro 2
Session Horns Pro
Action Strikes
Action Strings
Evolve Mutations
Evolve Mutations 2
Emotive Strings
Kinetic Metal
Rise and Hit

Studio Effects

Enhanced EQ
Passive Eq
Solid Bus Comp
Solid Dynamics
Solid EQ
Supercharger GT
Transient Master
Vari Comp
VC 160
VC 76

Creative Effects

Mod Pack – Phasis
Mod Pack – Choral
Mod Pack – Flair
Crush Pack – Dirt
Crush Pack – Bite
Crush Pack – Freak
Guitar Rig 5 Pro
RC 24
RC 48
Replika XT
The Finger
The Mouth
Traktor’s 12


True School
Velvet Lounge
Deep Matter
Haclyton Sky
Lucid Mission
Neon Drive
Queensbridge Story
Motel Veil
Elastic Thump
London Grit
Drop Squad
Platinum Bounce
Lazer Dice
Marble Rims
Carribbean Current
Astral Flutter
Cavern Floor
Golden Kingdom
Byte Riot
Decoded Forms

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