Native Instruments TruTorials Season 1

Get inspired with a short video series of unique Native Instruments Maschine tutorials called: TruTorial Season 1. Get creating in under 90 seconds no matter what Maschine hardware or music style, these quick and easy video tips are sure to instantly inspire and take your creativity to a whole new level.

Native Instruments Trutorials

Start watching the videos below and learn the magic of Native Instruments MASCHINE.

 Kickdrum Melodies   Drum Synth Sandwiches

In this video you will learn how to create melodies with a kick drum using MASCHINE's keyboard mode.


Add flare to drum samples using MASCHINE's powerful built-in Drum Synths. 

Let it Pump    Detroit Donuts

Learn how to sidechain to create a raw, pumping effect.


Nudge sounds to get that laid-back hip hop groove.

Snare That Rocks   Make A Move

Add additional depth to any drum sound with reverb effects straight from the MASCHINE hardware.


Program and record live automation to add expression to sounds.

Follow Your Snare    Smart Playground

Using sidechain in MASCHINE for beat-synced filter effects.


Make electrifying one-touch chords with MASCHINE's Smart Play features.

Pad Link Power   Transfer to TRAKTOR

Layer and link several pads and their sounds together and play them with a single pad.


DJs can use MASCHINE loops in TRAKTOR for more originality.

Repeat the Bass Bass Bass   Screwed Vocal Chops

Take full advantage of MASCHINE's Note Repeat feature and create breath-taking basslines on the fly.


Chop up vocals using MASCHINE’s legato mode and creative looping.

Native Instruments Trutorials Season 2 has arrived! Click on the image below to view 12 more inspiring video clips

 Native Instruments Trutorials Season 2