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New VIP 3.1 Software Update The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 19 March 2018 15:15:36 Europe/London

Highlights of VIP 3.1

The VIP 3.1 software update provides Akai Professional, M-Audio and Alesis users with a set of new features to aid performance and enhance workflow.

Highlights of VIP 3.1

VIP 3.1 works as a standalone virtual instrument and effects player, or as a plugin, with any DAW that is VST, AU, or AAX compatible. It plays almost every VST-compatible plugin and effects unit, and arranges a user’s collection by plugin, instrument type, artist collection, timbre and more. The Multi function allows access, edit opportunity and the option to mix up to eight virtual instruments. The expanded Multi mixer includes send effects, insert effects, bus tracks and a master output channel strip for ultimate routing control. The Effects browser allows users to scroll through the effects by type, and audition across multiple plugins at the touch of a button.

There is a MIDI Learn function which seamlessly maps the controls of any keyboard that is VIP-compatible to VIP’s parameters. This is in addition to the VIPMS (VIP Native Plugin Map Standard) which allows third-party VI and effect developers to create their own plug-in maps for even more improved VIP integration. Finally, the Pad Chord Progressions play factory or user-defined chord progressions (via VIP-enabled keyboard controller pads), and the Key Control Modes play scales, harmonised chords or chord progressions (via a VIP keyboard or MIDI keyboard).

New Features

The new features include a MIDI Filter so that each element in a multi can filter MIDI data that feeds to it, Macros so that every button or knob in the Multi tab of the Control view allows the user to manage up to eight separate parameters, an adjustment has been made to the setlist so songs can now have a pre-determined BPM, there is advance routing capability where a user can now universally remap VIPs virtual audio outputs to a different set of physical outputs, a replace patch option so users now have the ability to save edits that have been made to an existing patch, velocity ranges allows users to organise parts in a Multi to have differing velocity, finally there is Mackie Control Support where the standalone VIP application is now able to manage Pan, Mute, Level and Part Selection all through the Mackie Control Protocol.

VIP 3.1 is free at the moment to both new and existing owners and users of the following products:

  • Akai MPK88
  • Akai MPK2 Series
  • Akai MPK Mini MKII
  • Akai APC Key 25
  • M-Audio CODE Series
  • M-Audio Oxygen Series
  • M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32
  • Alesis VX49

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