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Pioneer XDJ-RX2 vs. XDJ-RX DJ System The DJ Shop Blog

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 14:34:00 Europe/London

Pioneer XDJ-RX vs XDJ-RX2 2017

The recent release of the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 all-in-one DJ System has caused all sorts of hype, especially with regards to how it betters its predecessor, the XDJ-RX. All Pioneer DJ aims to do is provide their end users with the most advanced technology available, hence why they continuously try to improve their hardware and stay ahead of the game.

With this in mind, the RX2 is no exception, despite some negativity surrounding lack of DVS functionality, crossfader, no reverse and value for money. Here we thought it would be a good chance to compare the RX2 with the RX so you can see for yourself exactly what you are getting for your hard earned cash.

XDJ-RX2 Introduction


Both units are robustly built and have that Pioneer DJ high-quality feel, just as you would expect. Both have two channels, a crossfader, FX-CFX, FX-Post Fader, grid adjustment, quantize button, slip mode, two USB-playback, one USB sound card and USB record.

What the XDJ-RX2 does have that the XDJ-RX does not have is a touch screen display, video GUI, sixteen pads (eight per deck), beat jump, needle search, and twice as many inputs. Not only that but you also get a license key for both rekordbox dj software and rekordbox video plus pack software, which is worth over £200 alone!

Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Rekordbox DJ System


More detail

The RX2 builds upon its forerunner by taking features from the renowned NXS2 series, CDJ-2000NXS2, and DJM-900NXS2. This is in the form of shortcuts, rotary selector, Beat FX, Sound Colour FX, and track filter. The large 7-inch, full colour, touch screen provides you with clear detail including Wave Zoom and the ability to search using a QWERTY keyboard.

The included rekordbox video plus pack enables you to introduce videos and images to your performances. All are manageable from one rekordbox library, meaning they can be loaded just as effortlessly as audio tracks. The video plus pack includes a slideshow function, option to overlay text and even live stream from a camera. You can then add FX using Transition FX (20 inbuilt FX) and even further modify parameters, or add more FX, using the Touch FX function. Rekordbox video has a Delay Compensation feature, so if you find the audio and video playing out of sync, it will work to bring them back in line with each other.

The multiplayer features eight multi-coloured, large, performance pads on each deck (sixteen in total) for immediate access to professional features such as Beat Loop, Beat Jump and Hot Cues. Additionally, the unit contains Sound Colour FX and Beat FX options.

The RX2 has a Link Export USB connection where you can easily connect your laptop and directly import your track to rekordbox. This negates the need to export your prepared tracks to a USB device.

With the additional mic inputs, you can decide between using an XLR connection or ¼ TRS jack connection. The unit also has two Line/Phone inputs which provide flexibility if/when choosing to connect CDJs, turntables or other portable players.

Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Rear


Rekordbox V 5.0

Final thoughts

Hopefully, from reading this, you can see where Pioneer has focused their attention, and feel that the XDJ-RX2 is indeed value for money. Pioneer has aimed the RX2 to be used more as a standalone unit rather than relying on external connections, allowing for portability. Not only are you getting two decks and a mixer presented in a sleek, sturdy and feature-rich DJ system, but also a neat little software package to go alongside.

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