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Pioneer TORAIZ AS-1 - Sound Editor created and released by SOUNDTOWER The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 20 March 2017 16:55:44 Europe/London

Pioneer DJ have released a news update regarding their Analogue Synthesiser, the TORAIZ AS-1.  They have informed us that SOUNDTOWER has produced and released a Sound Editor Application, specifically for the Analogue Synth, in the form of TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor LE (there is also a PRO version available).

TORAIZ AS-1 – Sound Editor

This editing and sound development application work only with the Pioneer TORAIZ AS-1 monophonic synth, which is perfect for music production and live performances.  The aim of this application is to house all of the TORAIZ AS-1 program constraints in one place, within one display (one GUI), which resembles a realistic synthesiser layout and mirrors its capability.  It has been designed to work on both PC and Mac and enables you to modify the synthesisers settings and thus improve your workflow.  The sound editor also allows the creation of sequence patterns (thanks to its 64-step inbuilt sequencer), and create new sounds and phrases

The TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor LE has four main editing options (displays):

  • Voice - editing all parameters
  • Banks - edit and manage programs in user banks and load/save banks and program data
  • Sequencer - 64-step sequencer
  • Globals - modify global settings

The TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor PRO version includes all of the above editing options with the addition of:

  • Librarian - instrument library
  • Program Genetics - parent/child options
  • Program Morpher - further program editing options
  • Patch Maker - in-depth editing option
  • Additional Banks feature - unlimited phantom program banks available
  • Additional sequencer feature - includes Arp, Filter and Sequencer templates


Sound Editor Instructional Video

As a final note, and to clear up any confusion, the Sound Editor LE is not an independent software generator; it requires the connection of the Pioneer TORAIZ AS-1 to work, in addition to the PC or Mac.  This editing tool is available to download now from the SOUNDTOWER website, under Dave Smith Instruments.

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