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Pioneer DJ announce the HRM-5 and HRM-6 studio monitor headphones The DJ Shop Blog

Saturday, 9 April 2016 11:05:31 Europe/London

Pioneer has announced they are adding two new sets of headphones to their studio monitor range.  To keep the HRM-7s from being lonely they are set to release HRM-5 and HRM-6.  As you would expect from Pioneer these new headphones take advantage of Pioneers years of expertise sound quality and the new HRMs are no exception.

The HRM-5 and HRM-6 headphones are fitted with memory foam ear pads encased in soft polyurethane (PU) leather, fitted to flexible joints and have a completely adjustable headband (made of stainless steel) so the user can withstand wearing them over a long period of time.  Both sets of headphones fold flat and a compact carry case is included.

Okay, so the difference between the HRM-5 and HRM-6s are as follows...

The Pioneer HRM-5 headphones feature a 40mm driver unit incorporating a light CCAW.  They provide a frequency range of between 5 Hz and 30 kHz, an impedance of 32 ohms, an SPL of 100dB and a maximum power input of 1700 mW.  The headphones include a bass reflex chamber in the upper compartment which produces fantastic bass response and sound insulation and a fitted uncommon earth magnet to allow for clear and precise low to mid frequencies.

The Pioneer HRM-6 headphones feature a 40mm HD driver unit incorporating a light CCAW. They provide a frequency range of between 5 Hz and 40 kHz, an impedance of 45 ohms, an SPL of 102dB and a maximum power input of 2000 mW.  The headphones include the same bass reflex chamber as the HRM-5 and are fitted with the same magnet; however the HRM-6 includes a two-layer damping arrangement so as to eliminate surplus resonance.

Both sets of headphones include a gold-plated 6.3mm stereo jack, a 1.2m coiled cable which extends to 3m) and a 3m straight cable.  The HRM-6 includes an additional 1.2m straight cable which may prove useful when travelling with the headphones.

Overall, you cannot yet again question the quality of Pioneer headphones and these two certainly provide great value for money.

The  Pioneer HRM-5 and HRM-6 studio monitor headphones are due for release June 2016 with the HRM-5 expectedly priced at £89 and the HRM-6 at £139.

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