New Engine DJ 2.0 Firmware Update Released

5 October 2021

The newly released Engine DJ 2.0 Firmware update brings with it new and improved features. The advanced operating system (OS) has added three new functions: a database rebuild and new user interface, the new Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch, which is embedded into the hardware, and a new Ableton Link communication connection.

The new update comes in two formats, one for the OS itself and one for the Desktop platform. As a result, Engine DJ continues to future proof its systems and hardware through a reliable yet robust DJ Suite, providing a faster and more streamlined user experience.

Database Rebuild/New User Interface

The database and user interface have been redesigned and rebuilt from scratch to provide a quicker and more intuitive workflow. In addition, both platforms, OS and Desktop, have been re-coded, giving each platform a fresh, a new lease of life. As a result, there are smaller database sizes, a faster search function, speedier file analysis and overall improved stability.

Engine Lighting Control

The new Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch is an onboard lighting control embedded into the OS. This means that users can use the DJ hardware to directly control the lighting, eliminating the need for a laptop.

DMX users, mainly mobile DJs, can use the onboard lighting controls, whilst many home users can control their lighting through their Philips Hue System. This new addition makes the controlling of lighting faster and easier than ever before.

Ableton Link Wireless Connection

Creativity and standalone functionality are essential for DJs and performers. The introduction of Ableton Link protocol for all Engine DJ OS compatible units via Wi-Fi or a wired connection opens up more flexibility and creative options within live performances. The compatible units include the PRIME 2, PRIME 4, PRIME GO, SC6000 and SC6000M and are the first standalone DJ hardware units in the world able to use Ableton LINK to communicate wirelessly.

At a glance, the Engine DJ 2.0 OS update includes:

  • Engine Lighting – onboard lighting control
  • Ableton Link Wireless connection
  • New Database
  • New Playlists
  • New Control Centre Menu
  • Onboard clock
  • Track List Size Button (expand tracks displayed in playlists)
  • Streaming Service Upgrades (Preview, Prepare, History, Play Deck)
  • Playlist Deck with Crossfade (PRIME 2/4/GO)

Engine DJ 2.0 Desktop update includes:

  • New Database
  • New Playlists
  • Play History upgrades
  • Updated User Interface
  • SoundSwitch Data export
  • Drag and Drop folder import
  • Rekordbox import upgrades
  • Apple M1 compatibility
  • Third-party library upgrades

Improvements and Fixes

Several improvements have been made, including a number of changes made to Sync, expanding the streaming service integration, and general performance improvements. In addition, many issues have also been looked into and fixed, which have been reported to Denon DJ for not working correctly. These include Beatport/Beatsource Link loading and browsing issues, FX displays, navigation and internet connection issues.

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