AlphaTheta Corporation Releases rekordbox 7.0.0 for Mac/Windows

14 May 2024

AlphaTheta Corporation has recently announced the release of rekordbox for Mac/Windows (version 7.0.0). It is a complete DJ software application that integrates everything from music management to live performance capabilities. Rekordbox is used by many DJs worldwide, including countless professionals, and this major 7.0.0 update brings huge enhancements to its performance and features. The newly designed user interface simplifies music management and gig preparation, allowing you to focus on creativity. AlphaTheta have also added new software learning, cloud, and automation technology to evolve the software drastically, and processing loads have been improved.

The Rekordbox 7 update will significantly reduce the time and effort needed to find and manage music, whether you're searching for tracks from the tens of millions available on multiple streaming services or from your own vast collection. Moreover, any tracks you add to your collection can now be automatically filtered by different categories, with cue points automatically set for you if you choose. Additionally, you'll have the option to share playlists, making it even easier to manage your music.


New Platform and GUI Design

Vastly Improved Processing Load

In rekordbox ver. 7, you can now work without overloading your computer. The updated platform has reduced CPU processing load by up to 56% compared to rekordbox ver. 6, resulting in smoother software performance. Additionally, startup power consumption has been decreased by 38% compared to ver. 6, allowing your PC/Mac to run on battery power for longer periods.

Refreshed, Smoother GUI for Comfortable Music Preparation

The new GUI in rekordbox ver. 7 was meticulously crafted to enhance your gig preparation with a seamless workflow. Drawing on the best features of rekordbox ver. 6, the design provides instant system status understanding, and introduces various enhancements. The key colour change to blue creates a unified experience with AlphaTheta and Pioneer DJ hardware. Both Dark and Light modes offer improved usability, with clearer control grouping and enhanced waveform visibility.

New Browsing System


Media Browser

Are you ever swamped by the sheer volume of music available? With rekordbox ver. 7, you can quickly locate the perfect music to play. The updated Media Browser, now in icon view, enables swift access to your selected tracks from various sources.

New Browsing Experience for Streaming Services

Elevate your music experience by showcasing tracks from streaming services with a prime focus on the artist's image and album artwork. This provides a more intuitive and visually appealing browsing experience. To discover more music in your preferred style, just click on an album or playlist link, such as the artist's name or label, to explore a list of related songs.

New browsing experience when using streaming services

Collection Filter

Easily discover tracks from your extensive music collection with the new Collection Filter. Filter songs by date, genre, artist, or album.

Collection Filter

Two Radar Functions Using Software Learning Technology

Discover hidden gems in your music collection with Collection Radar. Unearth old favorites and forgotten tracks, tailored to your specific venue or event. Expand your music library with Streaming Radar. Explore millions of songs across various streaming services, uncovering new tracks to perfect your playlists.

A New Era for your DJ Workflow

Intelligent Cue Creation

When you add a track to your rekordbox collection, the software will automatically set up Hot Cues and Memory Cues according to your preferences. Songs with Hot Cue and Memory Cue settings are then registered in a playlist for learning. In rekordbox ver. 7, the software learns from your preferences and picks up on trends, so the usual cue point positions are automatically reflected in other songs, making advance preparation much easier.

Intelligent Cue Creation

Dual Player layout

Discover a new level of control with the Dual Player layout in Export mode. Activate Dual Player with the dedicated button to seamlessly link the operations of two players. This allows you to play, pause, navigate waveforms, and control Beat Jump for both tracks simultaneously. Experiment with EQ Kill, Key Sync, and Key Shift control to unlock endless possibilities for creating the perfect mix.

Dual Layout

Column View

The new Column View in rekordbox ver. 7 is similar to the Column view in the Mac Finder. It allows you to browse playlists and playlist folders in a hierarchical structure, making it easy to visually check their hierarchy. This provides an intuitive way to search for folders and files, and to select and navigate through multiple playlists and tracks.

Collaborative Playlist

Share your favourite playlists with your friends and DJ peers! You have the option to include essential metadata such as the song order, BPM, grids, and cue points. This feature enables seamless collaboration for back-to-back sets and helps in curating perfect set lists for festivals.

Remember that if your playlist contains tracks from a streaming service, your collaborators will need a subscription to access them. Similarly, if the playlist includes tracks stored locally, they won't be available to others unless they purchase the music themselves.

Free Control of Selected New Features

Gain access to premium features such as the Dual Player layout, Collection Filter, and Column View at no extra cost when you register eligible DJ equipment to an AlphaTheta account via rekordbox ver. 7. Once registered, enjoy using these functions without the need to connect your DJ equipment to a PC or Mac.

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