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Positive Grid - Focusrites Latest Plugin Collective Offer The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 18 December 2017 13:16:22 Europe/London

Positive Grid - Focusrites Latest Plugin Collective Offer

Focusrites latest Plug-in Collective Offer is Positive Grid Bias Amp LE and FX. For a limited time, 7th December 2017 through to the 1st February 2017, registered Focusrite users can get both BIAS FX LE and BIAS Amp LE with reverb for FREE.

BIAS FX LE comes with six pedals, three presets and three amps, along with a free version of the BIAS FX guitar effects processor. The FX LE also features EQ6 (EQ), Treble Booster (Boost), 808OD (Drive), Delay (Delay), Chorus (Mod), Digital Reverb (Reverb) ’77, silver Tone (Low Gain), ’92 Treadplate (Hi Gain), ’69 Plexiglas (Crunch), Default Clean, Default Crunch and Default Hi Gain.


BIAS Amp LE offers users one of the excellent and largely popular sounding guitar amp plugins available within the industry. The in-built reverb offers four classic reverb styles including hall, chamber, room and modulated plate reverb. The Amp LE also features twenty factory presets in five genres (bass, metal, crunch, blues, glassy), ability to limitlessly save the amps within each genre category, preview ToneCloud presets, integrate amps with BIAS FX LE, exchange preamp tubes, modify tube stages, distortion and bass, and fine tune the standard preamp of each amp preset.

To access this amazing plugin offer for free be sure to register your hardware with Focusrite via their website.

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