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Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 Digital DJ FX Mixer

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Xone DB4 Digital DJ FX Mixer

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Quick overview

The Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 is no longer available, please click here to view the best alternative DJ Mixers.

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The Xone:DB4 is the most advanced DJ mixer Allen & Heath have created and has been designed with extensive research into each feature which results in a mixer that offers maximum creativity alongside ease of use. The DB4 comes with an FX section on each channel as well as two of the legendary Xone filters and a wealth of professional DJ tools and controls that allow you to perform with creativity and flair. This professional DJ mixer is perfect for club and bar installations, mobile/travelling DJs, and makes an excellent addition to any home DJ setup.

Thanks to the addition of an integrated Quad FX Core Digital Signal Processor engine, each of the four main channels is fitted with their own FX section with a BPM detection system that works to automatically adjust all time-related FX and loops to the tempo of a track. The studio-quality effects are split into five categories: delays, reverbs, resonators, modulators, and damage, and have all been optimised for DJing. Each type of effect comes with a library of different effect variations while each FX section features its own dedicated dry/wet control as well as an expression knob giving you a tremendous amount of control over your effects while further tweaking can be achieved using the global master FX section. Each of the four main channels on the DB4 is equipped with a 3-band EQ which can be used as an asymmetric EQ with +6dB and -26dB settings or isolator EQ with +6dB and kill frequency settings with a 24dB octave slope; this allows you to blend your tracks frequencies together smoothly and is excellent for those who like to double-drop tracks together. Alternatively, you can reconfigure the EQ and use them as additional filters with high-pass and low-pass settings with adjustable resonance and for visual referencing the EQ knob pointers change colour according to which EQ type you are using. An additional Mic/Line input features a 2-band EQ with gain control, cue button for monitoring and a mix level control, this can be routed to all main channels so you can process the microphone or line input using the effects and looping functions.

On each channel is a built-in looping control that allows you to automatically loop a track with lengths that range from 1/16 beats to four bars and works by recording the full four bars, so you can expand or shrink the loop whenever you please. Alongside the extensive effects processing and high-quality EQs are dual Xone filter systems with high-pass, band-pass, and low-pass filtering options with a ‘mild to wild’ resonance rotary knob and a frequency knob that offers 20 Hz to 20kHz filter sweeps. A highly visible OLED display allows you to see the exact BPM and FX selection and also acts as an interface for the menu setup functions and comes with a rotary control for navigating the various features.

On the rear of the Xone:DB4 you’ll find a plethora of input and output connections, each channel can be re-routed to any of the available stereo input sources. There are four analogue line inputs which can be switched to phono on channels two and three, as well as digital inputs on all four channels or make use of the USB input options for use alongside digital DJ systems. An integrated, high-quality 24-bit/96 kHz multi-channel USB 2 soundcard lets you record and replay directly from your preferred DJ application while an X:Link port allows you to hook up a Xone:K series MIDI controller directly to the mixer which means you can leave a USB port open on your PC/Mac for additional equipment.

At the top right of the DB4 mixer, you’ll find a USB port; this allows you to save your preferred user-defined settings such as BPM range, meter mode, USB audio routing and display brightness directly to a USB stick. Once your settings are saved to USB you can go to any other DB4 mixer and recall your settings, this is perfect for touring or travelling DJs who need the mixer always to have the same routing and settings for their mixes giving you peace of mind. All control on the mixer (except Mic and Phones level) can send MIDI data, so the mixer doubles up as a MIDI controller, just plug in your PC/Mac running your favourite DJ application and use the mixer as a controller. An internal MIDI clock allows you to alter the BPM of a connected DAW via USB and allows you to change the mixers MIDI channel.

The Xone DB4 DJ performance mixer comes with a lightweight aluminium chassis that is designed for the rigours of everyday on-stage use and makes touring with the mixer an easy process. The crossfader can be interchanged with a Retro-fit Pro-X-Fade option kit which makes use of conductive plastic tracks and a broader stem giving you an extended fader life and allows you to alter the feel and cut-in point to suit your exact requirements.

  • EQ and filer - Each channel is equipped with a 3-band EQ as well as a high-pass/low-pass filter system
  • Microphone/Line input - The mic/line input features a 2-band EQ as well as gain, cue and mix controls and can be routed to the integrated FX processors
  • Integral soundcard - A built-in 24-bit/96kHz soundcard offers pristine audio
  • MIDI control - All controls (except the mic and phones level) can be used to send MIDI data so the mixer doubles up as a MIDI controller
  • Output patchbay - Booth, record, and phones are all source selectable and adjustable
  • High-visibility display - OLED display is highly visible even in bright light and allows you to see FX selection, current BPM and is an interface for the menu setup functions
  • Lightweight chassis - The lightweight aluminium chassis has been designed to make touring a breeze
  • Inputs 4x RCA line/phono, 4x co-axial S/PDIF, USB
  • Outputs 2x XLR main mix, 1x TRS booth, 1x RCA record
  • Unique Feature Quad FX processor, USB audio interface

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