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Adam Audio A4V Nearfield Monitor 2-way 4" Woofer

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12105200 Adam Audio A4V
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Quick overview

The Adam Audio A4V is a two-way Nearfield Speaker Monitor that features a 4-inch long-throw woofer design and made using Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fibres (same as what you would find on other A Series speakers) and a classic X-ART tweeter.

  • 4-inch long-throw woofer design
  • 1” voice coil
  • Rotatable HPS Waveguide & X-ART Tweeter
  • Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) Woofer
  • Hybrid Amplifiers
  • See full product description

The Adam Audio A4V is a two-way Nearfield Speaker Monitor that features a 4-inch long-throw woofer design and made using Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fibres (same as what you would find on other A Series speakers) and a classic X-ART tweeter.

The speaker unit is compact yet powerful and produces clear and concise sound. The onboard DSP-based tuning ability allows you to tweak the sound to your environment. The A4V speaker is ideal for small studio spaces and the 53 Hz to 50 kHz frequency range is perfect for a series of audio applications.

Rotatable HPS Waveguide & X-ART Tweeter

Adam Audio use HPS (High-Frequency Propagation System) waveguide technology which means the tweeters can disperse sound with controlled consistency. The rotatable aspect has been added to the A Series, where tweeters can be shifted in 90-degree steps. This means that whichever way the speaker is placed (horizontally or vertically), the HPS waveguide technology will be in full operation.

The Adam Audio X-ART tweeter is at the centre of the HPS waveguide, which is constructed using a new glass fibre polymer compound to produce clean sound and be free of unwanted resonance.

Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) Woofer

A lightweight, highly stable material has been used to construct the A4V woofers, which contain a unique blend of mineral stone fibres baked together. The drivers used are specific to that model, including the mineral composition, layering and geometry. Combine this technology with the new magnet system, and you have woofers that produce high output with low distortion, thus delivering a clean low-end.

Hybrid Amplifiers

The A4V woofers are driven by Class D amplifiers that aid in producing quality sound whilst reducing distortion. The tweeters and midrange drivers are powered by Class AB amplifiers that offer a natural and smooth reproduction of high frequencies. It is worth pointing out that Adam Audio carried out extensive testing to find the perfect components.

DSP-Based Electronics

The A Series of speakers maximises the use of transformative power of DSP-based electronics, which allows for more precise tuning and better predictability compared to analogue-only speakers. In addition, there is the option for the firmware to be updated via an Ethernet Connection where the latest developments in technology will be available, including filter types, features and voicings.

Room Adaptation and Voicings

Four bands of room adaptation equalisation (Bass, Desk, Presence and Treble) can be found on the back panel of the speakers. Furthermore, each band is adjustable and offers over 100 tuning options to allow for the placement of a speaker and environmental factor adjustments.

Voicings is a pre-defined sound profile that can be located on the rear panel of the speakers. There are ‘UNR’, ‘Pure’ and ‘Ext’ selections available. ‘UNR’ stands for ‘Uniform Natural Response™’, producing dynamic natural-sounding response curve of Adam Audio’s design (ideal for production, composition, songwriting, and generally listening to great music). Pure is a very accurate neutral-sounding option, also referred to as the ‘flat’ setting (ideal for mixing and mastering) and ‘Ext’ is dedicated to the extended functionality that comes with A Control when connected via Ethernet.

A Control (Real-Time Remote Control)

A Control is a free downloadable software that allows the DSP-based functionality to be remotely controlled in real-time over Ethernet. It can control multiple speakers at once and adjust equalisation, delay settings, monitor levels and other useful settings.

Room Correction and Sonarworks Integration

The A Series of speakers have been designed to adapt to changing preferences, requirements and environments. An embedded platform from industry-leading company Sonarworks houses advanced filters used to aid the acoustics within a room and calibrate the speakers.

Bass Reflex System, Cabinets and Mounting

The speakers offer great flexibility in that they feature deeper bevelling to reduce diffraction, thicker baffle walls to strengthen the cabinets and reduce internal vibrations and a flared-port design that optimises airflow and reduces port noise. Additionally, all A Series speakers include an underside mounting interface which provides extra flexibility when it comes to positioning.


The Adam Audio A4V offer a 2-year standard warranty with an extension to a 5-year warranty upon registration in “My ADAM” User Area on the Adam Audio website.

  • 4-inch long-throw woofer design
  • 1” voice coil
  • Rotatable HPS Waveguide & X-ART Tweeter
  • Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) Woofer
  • Hybrid Amplifiers
  • DSP-Based Electronics
  • Room Adaptation and Voicings
  • A Control (Real-Time Remote Control)
  • Room Correction and Sonarworks Integration
  • Bass Reflex System, Cabinets and Mounting

A Control Update 1.0

A Control 1.0 has arrived! Adam Audio are thrilled to announce a significant update to the free-to-download software for A Series speaker real-time remote control and calibration. This version considerably improves the application's reliability, provides a built-in firmware updater, and adds some additional features.

The software also helps the collaboration with Sonarworks by allowing SoundID Reference filters to run directly within the DSP of the loudspeakers. All A Series clients can take advantage of an extended 60-day trial with full SoundID Reference capabilities.

Full list of changes/improvements

  • ADDED firmware update via A Control Software
  • ADDED automatic notifications if an update is available
  • ADDED copy/paste functionality for Advanced adaptation mode
  • ADDED factory reset functionality
  • ADDED logging for technical support
  • IMPROVED speaker discovery - Bonjour installation is no longer necessary
  • IMPROVED maximum delay time, now 10ms instead of 5ms
  • IMPROVED delay step size to 0.1 ms
  • IMPROVED loudspeaker reboot not necessary to save changes persistently
  • IMPROVED general stability
  • FIXED "Off" mode bypasses all EQs

Measuring Your Space

In this video series, Adam Audio show you how they transformed an empty room into a recording studio and calibrated the Adam Audio A Series monitors to the rooms environment. In this first video, they show you how to use the free software "Space EQ Wizard" to measure your room. Adam Audio  show you how to fix issues in your workspace with speaker placement, acoustic treatment, and their free A Control software.

Monitor Placement and Acoustic Treatment

In this video Adam Audio  show you how to use speaker placement and acoustic treatment to help solve issues in your studio environment, so you can focus on making music and mixing.

Tuning the A Series to Your Room

In this third and last video, Adam Audio show you how to use their free A Control software to resolve any outstanding issues that may detriment your mixdowns.

  • Tweeter: Rotatable X-ART Tweeter + HPS Waveguide
  • Woofer: 1x 4" MLM woofer with 25 mm / 1” voice coil
  • Frequency response @ -6dB: 53 Hz - 42 kHz
  • Maximum SPL per speaker at 1 m: 100 dB
  • AD convertor: 24-bit
  • Internal sample rate: 96 kHz
  • Amplifier power RMS: 110 W (woofer) + 20 W (tweeter)
  • Crossover frequency: 3.0 kHz
  • Power rating: 300 W max
  • Analog Input (balanced): 1x XLR
  • Analog Input (unbalanced): 1x RCA
  • Net Weight: 5.8 kg (12 lbs 13 oz)
  • Gross Weight: 7.3 kg (16 lbs 1 oz)
  • Cabinet Height x Width x Depth: 268 x 158 x 220 mm (10 1/2" x 6 1/4" x 8 5/8“)
  • Box Dimensions: 390 x 285 x 345 mm (15 3/8" x 11 1/4" x 13 5/8")
  • AC Input Voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

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