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Portable Vocal Booth Home Version / Soundbooth


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Silence is bliss

We all know the feeling, you've got your lyrics at the ready, computers on, microphones set up, you've recorded the perfect take..., its time to listen back to the recording. If only you get get the quality to sound as dry and as perfect as a studio recording. Well now you can, and why not take advantage of our limited offer which will run out soon.

Your Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth / Sound booth 'Home Version' attaches itself to your own microphone stand and allows for great recording conditions every time. The specially molded foam has been shaped and processed in a way which not only helps to create dry vocals, but to also prevent exterior noise such as traffic noise or air conditioning entering into your mic. Create your own soundbooth studio today.

If you don't have your own stand, you'll be happy to know we offer a compatible stand at great value as well as the Vocal Booth Pro 2, which comes with a built in stand.


A studio set-up, only portable

Unlike our 'Pro' version, the 'Home' Sound booth edition comes with its own clever clamping system which allows it to be attached to any microphone stand you or anyone else owns. So whether its recording at home, or in a studio which needs better acoustics, this is the product for you.

  •     Perfect for singers, voice overs and pod casters.
  •     Unique clamping system which allows the sound booth to be attached to any microphone stand.
  •     Great low cost alternative to our Pro edition which includes a heavy duty stand as part of the product.
  •     Money back promise.
  •     Used by artists and theaters worldwide.
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