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Native Instruments Maschine Studio & Komplete 11 Crossgrade

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This comprehensive package contains Native Instruments Maschine Studio, Native's flagship controller. Also includes Native Instruments Komplete 11, the most advanced music production software available today.

Native Instruments Maschine Studio & Komplete 11 Crossgrade

Regular Price: £938.00

Special Price: £778.00

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Native Instruments Maschine Studio is a groove production workstation for professional music production and performance. The sleek hardware provides direct and intuitive access to all the key functions whilst the dedicated control buttons and jog wheel allow , editing, fast browsing, level mastering and arranging. The two revolutionary, high res colour displays mean that you can see patterns, scenes, plug-in icons, waveforms and the new mixer direct from the hardware for supreme, accelerated workflow.

The latest MASCHINE 2 software update expands your sound with KOMPLETE SELECT – a suite of 10 premium instruments and effects. Plus an all-new drum synth for cymbals, additional engines for the hi-hat, snare, and tom drum synths, a host of new, high-quality effects, and significant workflow improvements.


Now Includes Komplete Select

MASCHINE 2.3 includes KOMPLETE SELECT – a premium selection of instruments and effects, featuring sounds for all styles of music. MASCHINE already includes MASSIVE, REAKTOR PRISM, SCARBEE MARK I, and the SOLID BUS COMP. Now, it’s expanded with MONARK, THE GENTLEMAN, DRUMLAB, RETRO MACHINES, VINTAGE ORGANS, and WEST AFRICA.

And to be clear – this is free for all registered MASCHINE 2 software users.



MASCHINE STUDIO’s ultra-fast, tag-based browser gives your creativity no time to slow down. Do all your browsing with MASCHINE STUDIO’s jog wheel and two high-res color screens – any project, group, sound, instrument, effect or sample at your fingertips.



Perfect your tracks on the MASCHINE STUDIO hardware. See group and individual track levels clearly on bright meters complete with peak level indicators. Adjust levels on any group of sounds with one knob – simply select the desired channels, then turn the knob under the displays to adjust.

MASCHINE 2 delivers a new paradigm in signal routing. Unlimited sound groups let you manage even the most demanding projects, and two aux sends per channel let you freely route sounds anywhere in your project. Best of all, you see plug-ins and insert effects directly on the hardware. 


KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards
KOMPLETE KONTROL opens up the full potential of KOMPLETE 10. Feel these advanced software instruments come to life under your fingertips – more intuitive, expressive, and inspirational than ever before. Turn KOMPLETE 10 into a single, unified instrument and Take Kontrol.

1. Requires Komplete 2 - 9
2. Requires Maschine or Maschine Studio or Kontakt or Reaktor or GP Kontrol

Komplete 11

Native Instruments Komplete 11 features a range of premium products from Native's software range. With 45 products, over 155GBs of instruments/effects and 13,000 ready-to-use sounds - whatever the task, Komplete 11 has you covered. This bundle is optimised for use with Native's Kontrol S-Series and Maschine range.

Introducing Komplete 11

Komplete 11 is updated to include the best from Native Instruments newly released software range. Products such as 'Reaktor 6', 'Flesh' and also included is products new to the Komplete range such as; premium sample instruments 'Una Corda', 'India', 'Strummed Acoustic' and, 'Kinetic Metal'. To make things even sweeter you get a brand new synthesiser - 'Form'.

Native's Komplete 11 comes with 12 high-quality utility and creative effects plugins. Mix your music to professional quality with 'Solid Dynamics' & 'EQ', compress correctly with 'Supercharger' and control transients with 'Transient Master'. Create new, unusual timbres and dynamics with effects such as; 'Driver' - the premium filter effect, 'The Finger' which is a new multi-effects unit and with 'Replika' you have access to premium delay functions.

NI 11 is the perfect companion for anyone looking to expand the capabilities of their Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards and/or Maschine Groove Production Studio. Komplete 11 suite comes on one hard disk drive for easy installation and works seamlessly with any DAW. On top of all this, you will receive a £22 voucher when you register your Komplete 11 software. 

MASCHINE STUDIO makes sampling fluid and simple – grab audio, slice it, and shape it. The hardware gives you total control and the hi-res displays let you see exactly what you’re doing at all times. Then kick out a groove with your new sounds on super-responsive pads.




Overview on the left screen, details on the right, parameter knobs directly below – never lose your editing focus. Get up to 64 voice polyphony for each sound, plus choke, legato, and glide control. And experienced beatheads will love the vintage sampling modes.




Slice your samples with laser-like precision. Choose the technique that fits you best with four different modes: Detect, Grid, Split, and Manual. Assign slices to the pads automatically and play them just like you would a drum groove or melody.

Get Creative



Get creative with a toolbox of destructive editing features including truncate, normalize, reverse, cut, copy, paste, fade-in, fade-out, silence, DC correct, and duplicate. Timestretching and pitchbending with automatic beat detection deliver highest possible sound quality.



MASCHINE adapts to your workflow. Get full velocity control, pad link, advanced note repeat, plus swing controls for sounds, groups, and the global project. Color-code your sounds and see your entire sonic palette at a glance.




An ultra-powerful step sequencer gives you another way to sculpt your grooves to perfection. Drop in sounds precisely where you want them and automate pitch, volume, LFO or any other parameter step by step for incredibly intricate and musical results in record time.




Build or sketch entire tracks with scenes. A scene is a flexible collection of groups and patterns. Scenes let you structure a track easily, and are essential for live performance. Create scenes for intro, outro, main groove, variation groove, and breakdown, then trigger scenes live as required.




A clip-based pattern sequencer means your ideas come together fast. Edit patterns, nudge notes, change velocity, record modulation, and more with 8 display knobs, dedicated edit buttons, and MASCHINE STUDIO’s jog wheel. All without ever looking at the computer screen.



Komplete 11 Feature Highlights


Express yourself through powerful new sound design avenues. Manipulate samples into sci-fi soundscapes, warped pads and shattering basses. Form uses a sample as the primary oscillator for the synth engine instead of a built-in sound generator/operator. Use an addictive oscillator to augment harmonic content and really push a sound to its limit. Even more so with the OSC FX section where you can frequency modulate a sound and deform a wave.Create and save multiple snapshots of sound parameters as performance presets which you can then apply to any sample you wish..





This semi-modular synth is ideal for pads, atmospheres and soundscapes. This hybrid synths combines high-quality modulation and effects. Add to as an effect to channels and use Absynth's high-performance effects.




FM8 is how a modern Frequency Modulation synth should sound. Harness the power of the FM Matrix window to chain operators to together to modulate the signal of another. Control each envelope easily and process with FM8 comprehensive effects.



Battery 4          


Battery 4 is the groundbreaking drum sampler and modern choice for creative beat production. Choose from any one of the 143 included Battery kits or set up your own and change parameters and effects within the sampler.



Reaktor 6          

Reaktor 6 is your rack-style Modular DSP Lab. Create your own custom synthesisers, effects, and samplers using Blocks - Reaktor's modular patching technology. Discover over 70+ included instruments or create your own.





Rounds: is a groundbreaking instrument that combines digital and analog synth engines with complex, sequenced sound shifting capabilities. Play melodies, chords, and arpeggios while sequencing your sound palette in real time. An inspiring performance machine of undeniable power and the evolution of software synthesis.




Polyplex: delivers a fast, fun way to design your own drum kits. Roll the dice to randomize sounds on the global, sound, or sample level. Layer up to four samples per sound slot. Then apply dynamics, reverb, glitch, and more for additional sound shaping.




 is the latest synthesizer from NI founder Stephan Schmitt – an ultra-responsive synth that reacts to even the slightest parameter adjustments. This instrument allows you to create stunningly organic textures going from mallets to plucked and bowed strings to distorted, aggressive and noisy sounds – a true performance machine.



The Definitive Piano Collection

The Definitive Piano Collection:
 Three exquisitely sampled pianos. Up to 18 velocity zones, extra resonance and overtone samples, half pedal and re-pedal functions, and even key releases sampled in nine velocity layers deliver unprecedented detail, and a varied and nuanced sonic range – from pristine realism to evocative washed-out ambiences.



West Africa
West Africa - A collection of expertly sampled percussion and melodic instruments from West Africa in a playable, polyrhythmic instrument. 
Abbey Road 60s Drummer
Abbey Road 60s Drummer - Dry and snappy vintage sounding 60s style drums. Recorded from two vintage 1960's kits at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and comes with a detailed mix control so you can control ADSR with modern precision. 
KINETIC METAL forges unconventional sound sources into a highly-playable, inspiring instrument – everything from ethereal textures to delicate tonal percussion.
SESSION HORNS - take control of 10 instruments sampled in precise detail, intuitively playable, and arranged for realistic performance. 
DRUMLAB is the first-of-its-kind sonic laboratory, combining pristine acoustic samples with a punchy electronic edge – all in one intuitive interface.
REFLEKTOR - Convolution reverb based on Zero Latency technology. Over 300 impulse responses  that deliver a range of creative reverb effects to create new timbres.
Driver- A creative distortion and filter effect that has the ability to add subtle filters or push your tracks to all a real extreme. Perfect for freshening up sounds and giving them new life.  All within and easy to use interface. 
SUPERCHARGER SUPERCHARGER: takes the sound of modern tube compression even further with superior control, additional saturation, and sonic sculpting.


System Requirements, Compatibility


Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)


  • Stand-alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • AAX 32 and AAX 64
  • ASIO
  • CoreAudio
Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions

USB 2.0 Port, 13 GB free disk space for complete installation

Additional Information
This product runs in demo mode after installation and must be activated before full functionality is available.


  • Width: 432 mm / 17.0"
  • Length: 350 mm / 13.8"
  • Height: 58.5 mm / 2.3"
  • 3.2 kg / 7.1 lbs
  • 15V 1.2A power supply required (included)
  • Integrated stand
  • Two extra-large, high-resolution color displays (480x272 pixel)
  • 16 high-quality multi-color, illuminated pads with velocity and aftertouch
  • 8 multi-color group buttons
  • One jog wheel with LED ring (30 steps)
  • 8 endless rotary encoder
  • 1 volume knob
  • 58 click buttons
  • LED Meters
  • USB 2.0, 3.0
  • 1 x MIDI in, 3 x MIDI out
  • 2 x footswitch input
  • Kensington lock

Komplete 11

Mac OS X 10.10 or 10.11 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)
10 GB free disk space (122 GB for complete installation).

The applications require 6 GB of free disk space, the libraries of all sample instruments in this bundle require 116 GB. Note that the total uncompressed size of all libraries is 155 GB. Most libraries are installed in a compressed form using advanced KONTAKT Lossless Sample Compression. They only expand to their full size during use and thus take up less space on your hard drive when inactive.

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