Pioneer S-DJ80X Active Reference Monitor


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Quick overview

The Pioneer S-DJ80X active reference monitor speakers feature exceptional sound quality, enhanced bass response and reliability, three types of inputs, and built-in equalization, useful for DJ's who want to accomplish the highest accuracy in sound reproduction.

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The Pioneer S-DJ80X active reference monitor is dependable, hard-wearing and formulates high-class sound output as would be expected from the Pioneer DJ brand.  The individually built monitor has been designed to maximise sound performance, reduce surplus resonance and increase bass output. 

The speaker and bass reflex duct components are made up of strong and firm medium density fibreboard (MDF).  To eliminate the redundant resonance and increase bass output the woofer units are attached to thick MDF inner baffles (5”-6” maximum thickness 30mm and 8” maximum thickness 33mm).  The woofers contain soft dome tweeters permeated in magnetic fluid and aramid fibre made cones.

“Groove Technology”

The S-DJ60x monitor incorporates “Groove Technology” within its design.  This is where grooves are inserted, in the bass reflex duct parts, so as to increase airflow and optimise the “Groove Technology”.  This aids in efficiently releasing low frequency sounds from the front of the speaker unit.  In addition, the front bass system emanates a powerful bass also from the face of the speaker.  This feature is ideal to enhance the use of strong drum kick and bass sounds.  Finally, round processing inside the ducts are useful in reducing noise, making the speaker ideal for dance music.


The driver has been designed with top-quality sound output and high response in mind.  In order to accomplish this, the woofer cones are made from aramid fibre, which is highly durable and light, along with strong magnetic circuits that allow for balanced and broad high frequencies.

Class AB bi-amp

The newly designed Class AB bi-amp have been incorporated in both the tweeter and woofer units.  This ensures the frequency response across all areas, and all the instruments that are played, are balanced.

“DECO” technology

The tweeters in this range of Pioneer active reference monitors have been installed with convex diffusers using “DECO” technology derived from TAD Labs’ TAD Pro TSM-2201-LR monitor speakers (used within professional studio set-ups).  The convex diffuser separates the mid-range sound into right, left and upper sections which ensure 3D stereo and a broad sweet spot.

EQ Controls

The S-DJ80x speakers include an in-built equaliser (found at the rear of the unit) which allow the user to modify the high-pass level output.  The user is able to change the high-frequency range in one-decibel increments (-2dB to +1dB) via the EQ control to suit their requirement.

Other features

The Pioneer SDJ80x active reference monitors come with three types of input ports: XLR, TRS and RCA, which allow connections to a variety of external sources e.g. PC/laptop, portable devices, DJ equipment etc.  The speakers also include an “Auto Standby mode” which automatically turns the unit off if it hasn’t been used for a set period of time.  Not only is this environmentally friendly but it is useful in saving power and is convenient to the user.  Finally, if an input signal is detected the monitor will power back on.

Please note Speakers sold individually, not as pairs.

  • Range of inputs
  • Class AB amplifiers
  • High-frequency adjustment
  • Auto standby with an auto ON
  • Front-loaded bass reflex system
  • Highly rigid bass ducts with friction-reducing grooves
  • Available in black (5-inch also available in cool white)
  • Choose from 5-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch aramid fibre woofers
  • 1-inch soft-dome tweeter with “DECO” convex diffuser from TAD Labs
  • Please note that the SDJ Speakers are sold individually

Main specifications:

Format: Bi-amp 2-way bass reflex active monitor speaker
Tweeter: 1-inch soft dome tweeter
Woofer: 8-inch aramid fiber woofer
Frequency response: 40 Hz~20 kHz
Maximum SPL: 115 dB
Amplifier output (rated output): Class A/B bi-amp 160W
LF:125W (70 W)
HF:35W (20 W)
Input ports
Balanced inputs:
TRS(1/4 inch PHONE)×1
Input ports
Unbalanced inputs:
Input impedance: 10kΩ
Level control: -∞dB~+6dB
HF level adjust: -2dB/-1dB/0dB/+1dB
Power consumption (Standby mode): 160 W
(less than 0.5W)
Maximum external dimensions (W×H×D: 197mm×301mm×262mm
Unit weight: 11.8 kg 
Accessories included: Power cord
User’s manual

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