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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 + Traktor Kontrol D2 Bundle

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Quick Overview

This Native Instruments Bundle Includes
1x Traktor Kontrol Z2
1X Traktor Kontrol D2
1x Traktor Pro 2 software

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 + Traktor Kontrol D2 Bundle


Native Traktor Kontrol Z2:

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is the missing link for all forward-thinking DJs. The groundbreaking 2+2 concept provides a luxurious and powerful stand-alone mixer with two extra channels for Remix Decks – delivering unprecedented sonic and creative control. Everything the modern DJ could ask for is here, including the full version of TRAKTOR SCRATCH. At less than half the price of other industry-leading DJ mixers, the Z2 combines an advanced feature set, extreme flexibility, rugged build quality and stylish design with unquestionable value for money.

All-new Macro FX and Flux Mode in the latest TRAKTOR software expand your creative arsenal. And the heavy metal, standard installation-height chassis, sturdy RGB control buttons, and Innofaders™ assure rock-solid dependability. Whatever your style, however you play, welcome to the future of mixing.

Combining the best of all that's come before it, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 takes a powerful two-channel stand-alone mixer, adds an additional two channels for Remix Decks, puts TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 in the package and rolls it out in luxurious style.

The ultra-stable, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis provides an intuitive layout instantly familiar to DJs, offering unprecedented sonic control. Throw in an integrated premium audio interface and dedicated TRAKTOR controls for cue points and Remix Decks and your options become infinite. Whatever your style, you've never had control like this before.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 delivers the reliability and pro sound quality essential for the world’s biggest stages and hottest clubs.

Pro XLR outputs, a booth output and 24-bit sound quality mean your sets hit with maximum impact. Precision knobs, buttons, multi-colored cue point controls and Innofaders™ give you ultra-accurate control of your sets. Whether spinning vinyl, CDJs, playing digital files, or using TRAKTOR SCRATCH timecode control, switching formats is just a push of a button away – lightning-fast, uninterrupted creative flow. And the heavy metal chassis means your busy schedule won’t take its toll on your new tool of choice.

Think you know your limits? You’re about to erase them.

For the first time, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 adds Macro FX to the TRAKTOR software. Build a big drop or destroy your track beyond recognition with fresh new effect combos like Wormhole, LaserSlicer and Bass-o-matic – get expressive sound manipulation with intuitive, one-knob action.

Flux Mode tracks the time while you’re juggling cue points or looping, and lets you drop back in at exactly the right moment – a powerful weapon for all creative DJs.

Integrate multiple TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 and X1 controllers with plug-and-play simplicity thanks to the Z2’s USB hub, freeing up additional ports on your laptop.
Start using the included flagship TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 with Remix Deck™ technology and TRAKTOR SCRATCH timecode vinyl in record time* – simply connect the Z2 to your computer with a single USB cable.

Connect your turntables or CD decks with the inputs on the mixer and start using timecode control via vinyl or CDs. And thanks to TRAKTOR’s advanced HID integration, the Z2 integrates effortlessly with the latest Pioneer CDJ generation and mixers.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 is the professional portable DJ deck: 

Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 is the professional portable DJ deck controller dedicated to advanced, creative DJ performance for the next generation. The stunning high resolution display keeps the focus away from the laptop and the touch-sensitive controls deliver intuitive control over TRAKTOR PRO 2 software – enhancing your skills, and setting your creativity in motion. 


Finally, a portable professional DJ controller deck that understands your every move. TRAKTOR KONTROL D2’s impressive features work collectively to help improve your skills and set your creativity in motion. Touch-sensitive knobs respond to activate the Browse View, plus pitch, filter, and effect parameters on the high-res display – keeping you in complete control even in the heat of the DJ performance.


When using a Traktor Kontrol D2 DJ Controller, one thing is for certain, your tracks are ready to hit the dancefloor at anytime. The Beatgrid View immediately shows your grids on the display for effortless editing straight from the Kontrol D2. You can even select and set your track's beatgrid in real time from the first play for when time’s too short to prepare your new favourite.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 Performance Video Introduction
Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 Workflow Details 
Capture the crowd's attention when they hear your signature sound – and your personality. Trigger sample sounds from the performance pads and blend them in with the deck faders. Capture loops from a running track in perfect synchronisation and layer them for advanced track edits on the fly.


For immediate creative editing, triggering cue points and loops could not be easier with Traktor Kontrol D2's colour-coded pads. The colours match different hotcue types for simple recognition. Take a snippet from a running track by using the Freeze Button and slice it up with the performance pads. Or activate the awesome Flux Mode to juggle hotcues for spontaneous re-editing in time – every time.



Native Instruments are renowned for their forward thinking ideas and this is supported by their latest release of the Traktor Kontrol D2 THE first Stems-ready DJ Controller deck. There are four high quality performance faders which are all touch-sensitive, along with four hard-wearing rotary knobs which both instantly correspond to each stem part ready for mixing, EQing or adding effects to individual elements. The display instantly switches to the Stem View when a Stem file* is loaded onto a deck.


TRAKTOR KONTROL D2’s smart views and pop-up panels deliver dynamic visual feedback that’s more than meets the eye. Browse your library, monitor effects, improvise on the fly, and more at the touch of a button – and directly within view.



Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer and Controller Features

  • 2+2 channel DJ mixer/controller and 24-bit audio interface
  • Best-in-class, tour-safe build quality with robust, aircraft-grade aluminium chassis
  • Ergonomic industry-standard layout with 3-band EQ plus dedicated filters per channel
  • Precision-designed, high-end knobs and buttons, plus premium faders by Innofader™
  • Multi-colored Remix Deck™/cue point trigger buttons and LED loop display
  • Built-in powered USB hub* for 2 add-on DJ controllers such as TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 or TRAKTOR KONTROL X1
  • Instant plug-and-play setup, with full TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2.5 software** and timecode media included
  • One-knob Macro FX for effortlessly expressive sound manipulation using the comprehensive array of TRAKTOR effects
  • Innovative Flux Mode for maximum creativity and point-perfect timing
  • Lossless post-fader effects using the industry-leading TRAKTOR effects suite
  • Timecode Vinyl and CD's Included
  • Dimensions: 272mmx388mm x109mm (WxLxH) 
  • Weight: 5.1 kg / 11.2 lbs 

Traktor Kontrol D2 Hardware Details:

Traktor Kontrol D2 Hardware Details


Designed for enhanced DJ performance while on the road, TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 seamlessly fuses hardware and software for a truly multisensory experience.

The D2’s touch-and-see workflow brings the industry-leading DJ software to life under your fingertips – and right before your eyes.

Access transport controls, cue points, and trigger loops, Remix Decks, or Stem Decks* directly on the unit. Plug and play control of TRAKTOR PRO means no mapping or control assignments necessary.



Play with two D2s connected as one. Rear panel USB ports on the D2 allow you to chain two TRAKTOR controllers using just one of your computer’s USB ports – no unnecessary connections.

TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 also includes a unique power supply splitter cable that powers both units simultaneously for minimal setup – ideal when touring from gig to gig.




Play different. TRAKTOR PRO’s Effects, Remix and Stems Decks, and track browsing come to life on a full color display triggered by touch-sensitive controls. A multi-purpose touch strip allows for pitch bending, track seeking, and vinyl scratch emulation.

Eight color-coded performance pads transform the D2 into an intuitive live performance tool. Trigger Remix Set cells, slice up and rearrange in Freeze mode, tweak your loops, or improvise using hotcues – all within view, and within reach.


Traktor Kontrol D2 Software Details:

Traktor Kontrol D2 Software Details

TRAKTOR PRO 2 contains a wealth of software features designed for ultimate flexibility and intuitive pro performance.

TRACK PREPARATION Browse and find your favorite tracks in seconds. Full iTunes integration in TRAKTOR PRO 2 means your library and playlists are quickly accessible directly from TRAKTOR.

SYNC Sync tracks instantly. Track BPM, beatgrids, and key are automatically detected on import and used by the powerful Sync engine for perfectly beatmatched mixes – every time.

SOFTWARE MIXER The built-in software mixer provides a wealth of customizable professional DJ mixer features. Choose from different EQs and filter types modelled after industry favorites. Plus activate FX Units from each channel.

LOOPING AND CUEING Advanced looping features let you take snapshots of your favorite track parts in perfect time and change loop length on the fly. TRAKTOR automatically stores your hotcues, so you can jump to straight to key moments.

EFFECTS Over 30 studio-grade effects, 4 individual FX Units, and one-knob Macro FX offer an endless sonic palette designed to texturize your tracks. Or group and customize effects to let your creativity run wild.

LOOP RECORDER Record audio from a live source, master out, or individual channels for creative, multi-layered overdubs. Then transfer sounds into Remix Decks slots instantly.



Get creative with your music. Remix Decks let you slice, loop, edit and deconstruct tracks – powerful performance tools directly integrated into TRAKTOR PRO 2. Load sounds into up to 64 slots or capture loops on the fly during your set.

Ready-made Remix Sets from top artists are the fuel behind Remix Decks – released online for download. Instantly remix your favorite artists and create your signature sound.

Dive right in to the world of Remix Sets with a free selection of nearly 2 GB of cutting-edge sounds.

Native Instruments Traktor Z2 Tech Spec:

Computer Requirements

Windows 7 (latest Service Pack

Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 (latest update) or 10.8, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

General: Monitor with 1024 x 768 screen resolution, USB 2.0, 1 GB free disc space, high-speed internet required


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 Tech Spec:

    • Controllable Channels: 4
    • Connections: 1 x USB Type B (Computer), 2 x USB Type A (Chaining)
    • Pads: 8 x Colour Coded
    • Touch Strip: 1 x LED Guided
    • Encoders: 10 x Rotary Encoders
    • Faders: 4 x Touch Sensitive
    • Buttons: 30
    • Screen: 1 x Full Colour
    • Backlit: LED
    • Height: 2" / 52 mm
    • Width: 6.7" / 170 mm
    • Depth: 14.5" / 368 mm 


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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 + Traktor Kontrol D2 Bundle