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Mixars Primo 2-Channel 4-Deck Serato DJ Controller

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Quick Overview

The Mixars Primo is a 2-channel Serato DJ controller that provides you with control over four decks and features a wealth of professional DJ controls for creative mixing techniques and is equipped with a pristine built-in soundcard that only offers high-quality audio. 

Pre-Order Only. Available 1st April 2019. 

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The Mixars Primo is a 2-channel Serato DJ controller that offers 4-deck control effectively allowing you to mix between four tracks at any one time. The Primo controller features a wealth of professional DJ controls enabling you to perform creative mixing techniques alongside a standalone mixer that provides you with four colouring effects for smooth transitions. Thanks to the range of easy-to-use controls this intuitive USB DJ console is ideal for beginner, bedroom, and aspiring DJs who want to mix with creativity and flair using professional mixing tools.

The Primo’s two decks can double up to provide you with control over four decks; this allows you to mix between four tracks at any one time. The left deck can be used to control decks 1 + 3 while the right deck will enable you to control decks 2 + 4, switching between decks is done using the deck selector at the top of the unit. Both decks feature a wealth of professional DJ controls such as transport buttons, looping controls, eight performance pads with eight performance modes, a needle search touch strip, large jog wheel, and a pitch fader. Further controls allow you to adjust a tracks beatgrid, turn on vinyl mode, enter slip mode, pitch bend, and key lock while an FX section gives you control over three effects with FX mode and FX timing controls.

The large jog wheels feature an LED ring that gives an indication over track positioning while an on-jog screen shows track artwork. Vinyl mode allows you to use the jog wheel to scratch your music, when turned off the jog wheel lets you finely nudge a track forwards or backwards for smooth beatmatching. Slip mode allows you to scratch and loop roll and will drop your track back in at the correct position so it won’t sound out of time. An auto-loop button lets you instantly loop 4 beats; you can then half or double the loop size using the dedicated buttons. Eight performance pads per deck let you access eight performance modes which consist of hot cue, cue loop, loop roll, manual loop, slicer, slicer loop, sampler, and pitch play. Using the shift button lets you access secondary functions, giving you even more control over your tracks.

The mixer section provides you with two channels to control; using the deck selector at the top of the unit you can control channels 3 and 4. The mixer can be used in standalone mode, phono connections on the rear of the controller allow you to connect turntables, media players, and audio devices so you can use external audio sources. Both channels come with a 3-band EQ so you can harmonically mix frequencies together while a trim control lets you adjust the gain as needed. Three independent volume controls allow you to adjust the sampler, booth output and master output volume. A dedicated mixer effects section offers four colouring FX and includes a filter, an echo, a noise effect, and a crusher and can be set to pre-fader functionality within the Serato software.

The front of the Primo digital DJ controller provides you with a crossfader curve adjustment as well as a hamster switch that reverses the mixer channels. Dual headphones jacks allow you to connect both a 3.5mm and 6.3mm Jack, so you do not need an adapter; a cue split switch enables you to hear the master channel in one headphone cup and the cue’d track in the other while cue master and level controls let you get the ideal headphone levels. An auxiliary RCA/Phono connection enables you to input a microphone or audio device such as a smartphone or MP3 player and features an aux volume control, a tone control for adding EQ, and a mic echo function for adding an echo effect to the microphone input.

The rear of the Primo features an integrated soundcard that offers high-quality audio at all times. A range of audio connections let you connect to PA systems and speakers via stereo RCA or balanced XLR connections as well as stereo ¼-inch TRS Jack booth monitor outputs, RCA/Phono inputs for external audio players, and an additional ¼-inch TRS Jack/XLR microphone input. A USB input lets you connect directly to your computer, and a DC input means you have the choice of USB bus powering the controller or using a mains DC power source.

The Primo is supplied with a copy of Serato DJ Pro, a professional DJ application for both PC and Mac computers. Serato DJ Pro lets you analyse your tracks as well as use the Primo to your full advantage with control over four decks, a wealth of professional quality effects, and provides you with essential track data. If needed you can easily pay to upgrade to Serato DVS; this lets you hook up turntables to the Primo and utilise the power of digital vinyl systems.

Mixars Primo 2-Channel 4-Deck Serato DJ Controller Key Features:

  • 2 channel 4 Deckcontroller,unlocks Serato DJ Pro
  • Stand-alone mixerwith filter effects
  • DVS-readyfor use with Serato Timecode
  • Built-in sound card for simple USB connectivity
  • 8 Performance Pads on each deck to control Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer, and Sampler
  • Touch Needle Search
  • Large aluminum Jog wheels with On-Jog Display and LED Ring
  • Full control and assignment of Serato FX
  • Adjustable Crossfader curve
  • Mic with dedicated Echo effect
  • Auxiliary RCA input with dedicated volume
  • 100mm pitch control
  • USB Powered

Mixars Primo 2-Channel 4-Deck Serato DJ Controller Technical Specifications:

  • Professional 2-Channel controller for Serato with 4-deck control
  • Standalone Mixer (phono in)
  • Adjustable crossfader curve
  • On-board sound texture FX and Serato FX 
  • 8 + 8 Performance pads
  • Mic with dedicated Echo effect 
  • RGB Logo on Jog Wheels
  • Serato DJ Pro included
  • DC Adapter: AC 100V –240V 50/60Hz
  • USB Powered
  • DC Adapter: DC IN 5V2A - USB Power: USB port with current supply >1A *
  • Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 508.4 x 330.7 x 65.6
  • Weight: 4.2kg

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