DJ Trim USB Audio Interface (DC) (ARCHIVED)


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This product is no longer available, to see other audio interface options please click here.

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The Hercules DJ Trim 4&6 USB Audio Interface for easy integration to DJing gear, the device’s 4 Line or Phono inputs can be connected to CD or MP3 players (Line input) or turntables (Phono input) and be mixed with music fThe Hercules DJ Trim 4&6 USB Audio Interface for easy integration to DJing gear, the device’s 4 Line or Phono iniles stored on the computer.

The Hercules DJ Trim 4&6 USB Audio Interface features a 4 input / 4 output configuration that can be switched to a 2 input / 6 output configuration, allowing users to export their mix to an external mixing device.the preamplification on inputs is adjustable using two rotary switches allowing fine adjustment of the volume at the inputs, in order to fade high-level sources (e.g. some CD players) or amplify weaker audio sources, such as turntables.

The Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6 features 4 audio output channels: Two +4dBu ¼ Jack outputs for PA equipment and four -10dBv RCA outputs for mixing decks and conventional amplifiers.The 6 output mode enables users to transfer 2 stereo tracks separately to an external mixing deck, while adding a third stereo track for samples, loops and effects. In addition to these inputs and outputs, a microphone connector with a talk-over feature, a headphones connector with a volume switch and a channel selector (channels 3 & 4 for monitoring and channels 1 & 2 for the mix) are included.

Featuring a 3-port high-speed USB hub, the Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6 can connect to a DJing controller or an external storage device (e.g. a USB key or a hard disk drive). The included power adapter avoids any variation in the sound level that could be generated by fluctuations in the computer’s USB bus electrical supply. The Hercules audio interface features 4 view-meters, 1 per channel, to control the volume of each channel (6 LEDs per channel) and identify any connectivity issues.

Thanks to its steel casing, the Hercules Deejay Trim 4&6 can withstand intensive use and mesh seamlessly with other DJing equipment. Two handles mounted on the audio interface’s front face allow users to hold the device easily. Hercules has grouped all connectors at the back of the device (except the microphone and headphones connectors and 1 USB port), in order to make connectivity features accessible; these remain well-ordered, without encumbering both sides of the device, and reduce the risk of irritating cable entanglements.

Four wide non-slip pads guarantee perfect stability, even with the weight of cables connected at the back of the device. The view-meters, visible on the device’s front face, offer convenient control over the audio interface’s volume, whether mixing standing or seated - and even if CD cases are stacked on the unit.

This product is no longer available, to see other audio interface options please click here.

4-channel output

For internal mixing: play the mix on outputs 1-2 / preview on outputs 3-4

For external mixing: assign outputs 1-2 to left deck, outputs 3-4 to right deck and mix on an external mixer

4-channel input (Line & Phono level)

Line level: connect external MP3 / CD players and mix them with computer tracks

Phono level: connect vinyl turntables and mix them with computer audio files

Headphones output for monitoring

Stereo ¼`` jack output for connecting headphones, featuring a volume button

Set the monitored channels: outputs 3-4 for preview / outputs 1-2 for the mix

Microphone input with talk-over function

Mono ¼`` jack input for connecting a microphone

Talk-over mode (mix the microphone input with background music)

Preamplifiers on 4-channel inputs

2 stereo preamplifiers to adjust the volume of the 4-channel analogue inputs:

2 buttons and 4 view-meters to set the volume of analogue inputs

Supports high-level sources (e.g. Pioneer CD players) and phono turntables

USB 2 high-speed hub with power adapter

3-port high-speed USB hub to plug your DJ controller and external storage device.

Power adapter included.

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