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AKAI AFX Controller for Advanced Serato DJ Performance


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Quick Overview

The Akai AFX is a very versatile Four deck FX controller for Serato that will give you over 70 intuitive controls and features. 


The Akai AFX is a flexible, four deck FX controller designed for Serato DJ. The AFX will allow you to expand you creative performance, and provide you with a powerful platform for digital, software DJing. With a single USB connection, the AFX will add over 70 intuitive controls to you setup which will include backlit and velocity sensitive buttons and touch-activated knobs. With this unit you can assign loops, cue points, trigger samples, tweak Serato effects, automate song edits, manage DVS mode and so much more from this professional, intuitive, ultra responsive, trusted Akai hardware which can found in setups across the globe. This unit will take you live performance with Serato DJ to the next level.

Opens New Doors

This controller will give complete control over the iZotope FX found inside Serato.DJ. You just plug this in to expand or add more controls to you Serato setup. There are nine touch-activated knobs that will unlock brand new FX capabilities whether that be planned or improvised. You can assign FX on the fly and tweak their parameters as well as the ability to layer FX types with the responsive, tactile control that includes a dramatic twist knobs that are touch sensitive. When in contact mode each knob will react to a touch, twist or both to create incredible sounds. The rotary push knobs and backlit LCD screen gives you an easy parameter adjustment and confirmation. For the DJs, who are adding FX controls to a Serato DVS set up, the AFX has a DVS switching feature keeping the need to touch your computer's mouse or track pad to a minimum.

Pounding the Pads

Akai has given this controller eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads to help get the ideas you have to the tips of your fingers. There are ten pad modes which will give you complete freedom to manage loops, assign hot cues, slice tracks and trigger samples. The pads are all RGB backlit that will show you which pad mode you have selected as well as real time pad performance feedback. The pads were taken from the legendary MPC line so the AFX can construct and deconstruct entire performances from the pads themselves taking your creativity when performing to a whole new level.

Serato Flip integration

The AFX has deep integration with Serato DJs Flip Expansion Pack, which is purchased through Serato DJ. What Flip does is allow you to record your censor and Cue point actions which can be saved and looped by flip, and will be ready for re-triggering and start in an instant. Serato Flip can save up to six Flips per track, available for playback in the club or studio. This expansion pack can also be used to to create and playback custom edits ranging from extended intros and outros to breakdowns and many more. The AFX comes with Serato's backpack FX expansion pack that will give you performance a boost using a dub collection of analogue style effects, filters, echoes, loopers and times stretch






  • Provides extensive hands-on audio command of Serato DJ
  • Tweak effects, manage loops, trigger samples, set cue points, and more
  • Serato Flip-capable – create custom edits, extend your music or re-imagine it altogether in the studio or club (download included)
  • Adds additional control options to any Serato DJ setup including DVS and HID players
  • 4 decks of Serato DJ control over a single USB connection
  • 9 touch-activated knobs for groundbreaking effects tweaking and EQ kills
  • 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with backlit RGB feedback
  • 10 pad modes for hot cues, loops, slicing, and sample triggering
  • Instant, tactile DVS mode switching: Absolute, Relative and Internal
  • Endless Controller with LED timeline for instant access to any point in the track
  • Endless Controller doubles as pitch bend and macro effects control
  • Backlit digital display provides feedback of parameter values
  • Low-profile, portable design compliments any setup, anywhere

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