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AM Clean Sound Cassette Cleaner


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The AM Clean Sound Cassette Cleaner provides you with a non-abrasive, water based cleaning solution to help clean your old cassette tapes and improve the overall sound of your tapes.

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The AM Clean Sound Cassette Cleaner is a non-abrasive, water-based solution that helps remove dirt and grime from off of your old cassette tapes resulting in overall improved sound quality. The cleaning solution safely and efficiently gets rid of noise caused by dirt and dust particles without damaging the cassettes audio heads or pinch rollers. Using the Cassette Cleaner is as easy as playing a tape.

  • Silences background noise
  • Improves soundstage, imaging, and tonal accuracy
  • Instruments and performers are sharply defined and delineated from each other
  • Less slippage
  • Cassette dimensions: 110x70x17mm
  • Bottle dimensions: 100x19x19mm
  • Cassette weight: 49g
  • Liquid volume: 20ml
  • Cassette: Compact cassette tape fitted with cleaning tape

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