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The Latest Reason 9 Upgrade Is A Game Changer! The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 18 August 2016 11:04:30 Europe/London

Reason 9

Reason 9 is the latest DAW release from Propellerhead.  It is packed full of new and improved features that will ignite fresh ideas and generate original sounds.  Building upon the success of Reason 8 here are some of the new key features of Reason 9... there is now a ‘Players’ rack which consists of Scales and Chords, Note Echo and a Dual Arpeggio, ‘Pitch Editor’ which allows for those creative sounds to be fine tuned to a truly flawless finish and an improved workflow. 

The ‘Players’ device provides a new creative dimension to the existing range of Reason instruments.  Within this new rack, Scales and Chords ensure that your play always stays in key.  All you need to do is select both your key and scale from those that are available.  One finger chords have also been introduced when the ‘Chord’ button is activated; this will allow you to explore all sorts of harmonic capabilities.  The Note Echo feature allows you to delay the effects and to modify the notes that you repeat (rather than just repeating one sound).  The Dual Arpeggios each have their own set of settings, play modes and velocity steps.  It’s also worth mentioning that the pattern section, within these arpeggios, transform your chords into fast polyphonic patterns – nice!  Finally, there is ‘Pitch Editor’ where the pitch timing and phrasing can be fine tuned to perfection and make the vocals sound on point!

Other new modifications to Reason 9 are with regards to the workflow and more user flexibility.  This includes Bounce in Place (allows instrument audio clips to be created), visual themes can now be chosen by the user, reverse MIDI clips, Audio to MIDI and more.

Overall, Reason 9 is an excellent software music production choice for recording, mixing and producing music with its fantastic range of instruments, sounds and effects, tools and audio recording capability.

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Laura Apicella