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Monday, 30 September 2013 12:35:18 Europe/London

Here at The dj shop, we still have a very limited stock of the Pioneer Platinum edition kit. This includes the CDJ2000, DJM900 and an RMX1000, along with an Pioneer RMX stand all in platinum. Pioneer also include there very own RCA leads in the box, which are of a very high quality. only 100 kits worldwide. All the kits are engraved with thier unique batch number.

The polished limited edition platinum kit is availible at £5,499 for a limited time. Pioneer Rekordbox music management system is a software which is neccessary to utilise all the features of the kit, the software assigns beat grids to all the tracks and are adjustable manualy, also allows quantize to be used to full effect. The software also allows you to add all your hot cues before hitting the decks. Rekordbox  will allow you to use all the pioneer equipement that is Rekordbox comaptible.Rekordbox is availble for free from the pioneer website.

For a limited time only we are giving a pair of the new SDJ50X (white or black-your choice) when purchasing the platinum kit, Finance is included on this deal.This special is only availible untill 15th of october.

heres the link: Platinum kit 

check out this performance using the platinum kit from pioneer with James Zabiela:


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