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Pioneer DJ release Public Beta Version of Rekordbox 5.0.0 beta3 The DJ Shop Blog

Tuesday, 8 August 2017 16:04:47 Europe/London

rekordbox – v5.0.0 beta3 (Public BETA)

Pioneer DJ have released the latest version of their Public Beta version, 5.0.0 beta 3, of Rekordbox DJ and are asking those who participate to report their findings or issues via the dedicated forum on their website.  There are a number of improvements to Rekordbox along with some additional new features.

The improvements include the capability to set beat grid for short or no beat sampling sound, ability to choose to display sixteen slots or eight slots of the sampler, display remaining and elapsed time simultaneously, highlight original BPM on decks, quantize hot cues to the closest beat when playing, the accuracy of the beatgrid analysis has been enhanced, able to sync with a track when the BPM is double or half of a master deck, 1.1 bar can be positioned at any point on a track, wider choice of font size and line space, keyboard and MIDI Learn shortcuts added for new features and auto gain knobs have been placed on the deck panels.

The new features within this Rekordbox release include a new graphical user interface, key shift / key sync added, new keyboard mode (key-shifted hot cue play), new beat loop mode, able to now import a playlist from a USB/SD device, able to play tracks on an exported USB/SD device whilst in Performance mode, there is now the option to play Hot Cue prior to reaching the next beat, additionally there is the option to now set quantize beat value for every function, sixteen hot cues and Pad FX support and finally there is now DJM-S9 support available (firmware update recommended).

There are full instructions on how you can get involved and the steps to take if you are interested in taking part in this public Rekordbox beta.  Please be aware though that this is public ‘live’ testing so things may not be quite up to scratch, hence the reason for the forum to report your findings.  Saying that, you could help shape the future of the next Rekordbox DJ software release, exciting stuff in any case!

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