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Pioneer DJ and Splice collide bridging the gap between cloud connected hardware The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 27 March 2017 17:16:05 Europe/London

Pioneer DJ and Splice collide

Pioneer DJ and Splice have joined forces to bring you the world's first, and only, cloud-connected hardware. This has been achieved through the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 sampler and Splice Sounds software.  This amazing collaboration allows you to create, coordinate and export SP-16 scenes, wherever, by using Splice Sounds; an industry breakthrough like no other at present.

I’m sure many have dreamt of having a cloud-based sample library, one where there isn’t need to purchase whole sample packs, where browsing is effortless, where integration is seamless, where individual sounds can be selected and used immediately, and where new samples are added each week from over 50 renowned labels!

Splice Sounds is used by over 700,000 music producers alone since launching in 2015.  It’s sound library currently contains over 1 million samples, loops and presets. Splice also has a sequencing device called ‘Beatmaker’ that can be used on both mobile or PCs/Macs.

Pioneer DJ & Splice

Teaming it with the Toraiz SP-16 maximises creative potential and catapults production into the future as we perceive it to be, and certainly sets the trend of things to come within the industry.  This hardware/software connection provides creative workflow flexibility; it allows you to capture the sounds within the software, export it to the hardware, and then modify the FX, etc. using the hard based controls.

Steve Martocci, CEO and co-founder of Splice says “We strive to significantly improve the creative workflows of the modern musician.  By partnering with a leader like Pioneer DJ to bridge the gap between the cloud and hardware, we take a big step towards providing users with a richer and more streamlined creation experience”.

To enjoy this new found partnership, Splice is offering one month’s FREE access to Splice Sounds (available from 15th March 2017).  To take advantage, head over to Splice’s website and create your account.  Once complete, head over to the subscription page and use promo code ‘TORAIZ16’ to gain full access.

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Laura Apicella