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Pioneer DJ showcases The CDJ-Tour1 and DJM-Tour1 The DJ Shop Blog

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 13:25:00 Europe/London

Pioneer DJ has announced the release of the CDJ-TOUR1 Professional Multiplayer and the DJM-TOUR1 Professional DJ Mixer.  The units have been designed for large scale events such as festivals, where they produce powerful, clear and high quality sound, even at maximum volume.  As expected from the brand the units are sleek looking, robust and built using the highest grade materials.

Pioneer CDJ-Tour1 and DJM-Tour1 Official Introduction

Pioneer CDJ-TOUR1 Professional Multiplayer

The Pioneer CDJ-TOUR1 is primarily based on the CDJ-2000NSX2 with additional features such as a 13 inch, adjustable LCD touchscreen, integrated ESS Technology and a lockable LAN port. 

The 13 inch LCD touchscreen offers easy control, better browsing and improved waveform screening.  Not only that, it can be tilted to the users desire so as to prevent glare from the sun (if used at a festival) or lighting (if used in a club).  The standard 7 inch, built-in touchscreen is also present however this only displays a more basic overview in comparison to the 13 inch screen.

The ESS Technology component is in the form of ES9018 32bit D/A converter which is designed to eradicate low noise or distortion even at the very highest volume.

The multiplayer has a fitted NEUTRIX etherCON® connector with a secure latch lock.  This ensures any cable that is connected, stays connected, even through the vibrations from the music or stand, and if accidentally knocked.

The unit features other attributes including ProDJ Link, having a familiar layout, high resolution sound and an isolated power supply.

Pioneer DJM-TOUR1 Professional Mixer

The Pioneer DJM-TOUR1 is the perfect accompaniment to any DJ setup.  The mixer has superb sound components that ensure high levels of music is clear and concise, and that distortion or unwanted noise is eliminated.  The unit features two independent headphone inputs, a 13 inch adjustable LCD touchscreen, gold plated RCA and lockable LAN ports. 

The effort Pioneer have put into this mixer is reflected on the components used to produce the top-quality sound output.  The unit incorporates AES/EBU digital output technology which ensures that there are no losses of clarity or quality of sound over a long distance; making it ideal for festival use.

Pioneer is also the first in the industry to install word clock into their mixers.  This piece of technology is used to synchronise to any connected pieces of equipment.  The flexibility this produces in paramount as it can be used in various formats including digital audio, AES/EBU, ADAT, S/PDIF and TDIF.  The sound produced is clear and of the highest quality, and it is as precise as it could ever be.

The 13 inch adjustable LCD screen allows up to four connected CDJs to be displayed.  The enhanced displays provides viewing flexibility e.g. waveforms, rotation etc.  The screen can also be tilted to reduce glare.

The two headphone units allow for monitoring and cuing tracks individually, ideal for back-to-back sets.  Finally, there is a lockable LAN port, NEUTRIX etherCON® XLR connector technology with a latch lock function, and is identical to the one fitted in the CDJ-TOUR 1.

The DJM-TOUR1 features a familiar Pioneer mixer layout, combo AUX inputs (XLR/TRS) and KUVO Gateway Technology.

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