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Our top 5 best-selling Active studio monitors 2017 The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 25 September 2017 13:06:00 Europe/London

Our Top 5 best-selling Active studio monitors 2017

Studio Monitor Speakers are not like your typical Hifi, PA or Bluetooth speakers, they do not enhance or 'colour' frequency and sound that is played through them. They are designed to play back sound signals as close to the original sonic form as possible. This in- turn reveals things that regular speakers may mask or colour; such as clashing frequencies, too much of a particular frequency or where certain areas could be boosted.

Speakers really are, along with your computer and DAW software, essential to have a complete and professional-quality studio setup. They will help to guide you, sonically, on the correct instrumentation for your music as well as be the basis for you completing the mixing process of your tracks.

We have selected five of our best-selling studio monitors to provide you with a comprehensive selection that covers a range of requirements and budgets.



The KRK RP5 G3 monitors provide you with superior clarity on the high-end frequency spectrum and enough colour on the low-end to make the music writing process enjoyable. In addition to this, they come with EQ settings on the rear which enables you to tailor your speakers to fit into the natural acoustics of your studio space.

KRK RP5 G3 Studio Speakers


Yamaha HS7

The Yamaha HS7s (7-inch model) was chosen over the HS8s as we feel 8 inches, depending on your studio space, might cause too much resonance on the low-end, thus impacting the mix on mid to high range frequencies. These speakers offer an impressive frequency response for the size; enough for you to be able to make critical mix decisions as well as keeping your production process entertaining. For the price, the performance you receive is incredibly impressive considering these speakers are still used in many production houses.

 Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor


Mackie HR824

Now we are stepping up slightly with price, but also stepping up performance. The Mackie HR824s are renowned for reliability and can be found in the studios of some of the top producers in electronic music; such as Netsky, Armin Van Buuren and Chase & Status. These speakers are clinical and highly accurate, to be able to help you mix precisely how you want. The drivers are robust and sturdy to take being driven to a high SPL, and the tweeters a refined for an even greater, high-frequency, clarity.

MACKIE HR824 MK2 Studio Reference Monitors


Pioneer RM-07

The Pioneer RM-07s are the only pair of co-axel monitors to make this list and for a good reason. With both the tweeters and woofer's more aligned they offer even greater phase correlation and frequency clarity on the high, mid and low-end spectrum. In short, these speakers are truly unique and are slowly finding their way into the studios of some top UK producers such as Alix Perez & Ivy Lab.

Pioneer RM-07 Professional Active Studio Monitors


M-Audio BX8

For those stepping into the world of music production and monitor speakers, the BX8s serve as an excellent introduction. They are robust, durable, offer great clarity on high-end frequencies, and have 8-inch drivers for you to be able to monitor low frequencies accurately. The cabinet is so well made it helps to prevent against resonance build-up ensuring a distortion free bass response; all this for an incredible price.

M-Audio BX8 D3 Powered Studio Reference Monitor

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