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The new, all-in-one, Novation Circuit Groove Box Synthesiser and Drum Machine has landed! The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 5 October 2015 14:27:42 Europe/London

Introducing, the new, all-in-one, synthesiser and drum machine that will have you creating electronic music in next to no time... the Novation Circuit Groove Box!  Yes, this delightful piece of portable equipment has reached stores near you.  Not only is the unit battery powered and has a built-in active speaker, great for making music on the move, but it can also be linked up to your existing software and studio equipment using the incorporated MIDI and USB ports.

Novation Circuit Groove Box Synth

The features of the Circuit Groove Box are paramount.  The unit includes two synth engines (Novation polysynths) which are able to produce monophonic and polyphone sounds, fantastic for any sound element you ask Circuit to create e.g. bass or leads.  The layout of the pad has been designed as a precise end user interface with the use of the 4x8 RGB velocity-sensitive grid sequencer.  This is practical for showing your steps and notes simultaneously along with having complete control over EQ, pitch and distortion.  In addition to the grid the pad consists of eight marco knobs used for fine-tuning or total transformation of a patch.  

The split grid is great for capturing performances in either real-time or program at each stage.  The pad allows for up to 128 steps of synth, drum patterns and built-in effects to create a track and once completed there are 32 slots where your creation can be stored.  The Novation Circuit combines simplicity with experimentation which means you are able to use straightforward streamlined modes to keep your rhythms, melodies and harmonies locked in time and in vocal key while you bounce down riff, hook and chord ideas.  Alternatively you can just start to experiment to explore and generate some fantastic sequencing.  All this is included in one very handy, mobile, robust and self-sufficient battery powered unit, so your ideas can be created wherever you are in the world.

The Novation Circuit Groove Box Synth will be available from 15th October 2015 priced at £249

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