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Novation release Version 1.2 for the Circuit Mono Station The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 9 July 2018 16:49:36 Europe/London

Novation Mono Station V 1.2

The Novation Circuit Mono Station has had a sound design upgrade and released in the form of Version 1.2. This new version massively enhances the sequencer and synth through some new features. The additions include the Mono Synth being integrated more tightly with modular gear, being used as a sound design tool, add expression to sequences and produce widely evolving musical phrases.

Circuit Mono Station v1.2 - Overview

There are four new features worth highlighting in the form of Patch Flip, LFO Sync, Modular Gear and Envelope Trigger.

Patch Flip

This is perfect for creating sound designs. You can produce unique sequences with differing presets and automation for each step. With the patch flip feature, it also creates a fully analogue drum synthesiser.

LFO Sync

The Station’s LFOs have been upgraded which now allows for synced LFOs to be decoupled from key sync. As a result, sequences can benefit from lengthier LFOs being in sync across several notes. LFO Clock Sync can also now be independently controlled.

Modular Gear

In the Mod Seq page, notes can now be programmed. This results in the user being able to independently control modular and CV gear with new pitch and gate control. This can be achieved through the dedicated CV/GATE output.

Envelope Trigger

The envelope has been enhanced to allow users the ability to choose to have legato or retriggered envelopes. Having this flexibility allows the users to further express and be more creative within sequences.

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