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New Firmware released for Novation’s Launch Control XL The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 25 April 2016 16:14:51 Europe/London

If you’re not familiar with Novation’s Launch Control XL, here is a quick overview. The Launch Control XL is a compact yet powerful MIDI Controller specially designed for use with Ableton Live. Its main feature is to ensure the user focuses more on their music rather than the laptop. The controller consists of 24 knobs, 16 buttons, eight faders and an array of informative multicoloured LEDs. When the Launch Control XL is teamed up with the Novation Launchpad’s 64-button grid, the unit gains full control over Ableton Live’s mixer, instruments, effects and overall session view.

But wait, there’s now more... Novation has just released a new firmware that provides the user with even MORE flexibility and control. The main attraction of the new update is that the controller can now be used with any DAW that supports HUI (so not just Ableton Live). This means the unit now works with Cubase, Logic and ProTools!!! Other features include the faders mapping to the mixer automatically, track select will be controlled using the buttons under the faders, pan and sends will be controlled using the dials above the faders, MIDI learn will stay independent by using the top two rows of dials, and finally, solos, mutes or record arm are managed using the bottom row of buttons.

This new firmware release is available for download from Novation’s website. Enjoy exploring and happy creating!

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Laura Apicella