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Novation Announce Circuit v1.3 The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 29 August 2016 14:44:37 Europe/London

Have you heard of Novation Circuits new firmware release!? If not, you heard it here first!  v1.3 is a FREE Novation Circuit Groovebox firmware update.  It is packed with new features including Sample Preview/Audition, Sample Flip, Sound Management, Session Colours & Single Session Backup and bug fixes. 

Novation Announce Circuit v1.3

This latest update has derived from initial ideas and suggestions, sent directly to Novation, from the Circuit owners Facebook group, emails and calls – so basically customers (well done Novation for turning it around so promptly)!  The new additional features are built upon the already prestigious Circuit however this latest update will take it to a whole nother level.

New features in more detail

Sample Preview/Audition – allows the user to preview and play samples without having to program them in to a pattern.  This in turn, for example, ensures the drum-programming procedure, in the studio, is made faster thanks to the ability of being able to quickly preview sounds.  When performing live, any sample can be played with the existing drum pattern using the velocity sensitive pads.

Sample Flip – allows the sample selection for each step to be modified.  Initially, later firmware versions would only allow for one sound to be allocated on each drum track.  However, thanks to this update, a varied selection of samples can be used for each step in the sequence spanning over all four of the drum tracks! E.g. a snare and a kick can now be on Drum 1 allowing for the other tracks to be used for instrumental or samples.

Session Colours & Single Session Backup – the colour of the LED on the Circuit Groovebox can now be modified to symbolise your session e.g. green for House, pink for Techno and so on.  There is also the ability to differentiate between song sections e.g. purple for intros or green for main sections – its personal choice!

Sound Management – Circuit Components itself has also been looked at.  The location of the uploaded samples can now be rearranged for personal preference.  Groups can be created to allow similar sounding samples to be placed together e.g. Row 1 – kick drums, Row 2 – snares, Row 3 – vocals etc.  Also, the Loopmasters content (available to all Novation registered users) has increased from 1GB to an impressive 4GB!!  Finally, v1.3 has introduced the ability to manage sessions separately rather than in a batch of 32.

This fantastic update is available to download for FREE to all Circuit Groovebox users from Circuit Components.  Be sure to download it now!

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