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New S-series of powered studio subwoofers launched by KRK! The DJ Shop Blog

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 10:00:00 Europe/London

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Today, KRK have announced their new S-range consisting of 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch studio subwoofers.  KRK are renowned for producing equipment that the highest quality sound output emanates from and these subwoofers are no exception.  The subwoofers provide clear sound and precise low frequency detail which enhances all professional mixes.  The range includes 8s2, 10s2, 12s2 and 12sHO. 

New S-series of studio subwoofers launched by KRK

Each of the subs are finely tuned and as a result produce clean, tight bass reproduction, along with exceptionally high Sound Pressure Levels (SPLs) without any distortion, ability to bypass the whole subwoofer if required, use variable Crossover which ensures the woofers can be adjusted to any sized Nearfield monitor, smooth transition at any crossover-frequency, and finally the units can be placed anywhere in the studio thanks to the front slotted bass port and limited high frequency.

Below is the new range of KRK subwoofers in a little more detail.

8s2 - 8” studio subwoofer

The 8s2 is a compact yet powerful 8” glass aramid composite subwoofer which does not compromise on the sound quality that KRK are well known for.  Included in the woofers robust and purposely designed casing is a powerful Class-D amplifier (used to increase transient response, punch and control including the low-frequencies), a 4-position crossover control (allows for easy connection to your existing setup), XLR, ¼ inch TRS and RCA input/output connections, input and sensitivity controls, ground lift switch and footswitch control which enables/disables sub and crossover filter (footswitch not included).  The 8s2 has a maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 112dB and a Bass extension to 30Hz!

10s2 - 10” studio subwoofer

The 10s2 studio subwoofer is a larger and more powerful version of the 8s2.  It boasts many of the same features including the Class-D powered amplifier, four-position crossover control, input/output connections, ground lift switch, footswitch (also not included) input, and polarity and input controls.  The notable difference with the 10” glass aramid composite woofer is the Bass extension goes down to an impressive 28Hz and has a maximum SPL of 117dB!

12s2 - 12” studio subwoofer

The 12s2 woofer builds even further upon the 8s2 and 10s2 through producing even more clear sound, and is suitable for use with serious studio setups!  The 12s2 is a highly powerful 12” woven Kevlar woofer, includes a front-firing bass port, powerful and light Class-D amplifier, 4-position crossover control, ground lift switch and numerous input/output connections in the form of ¼” TRS, XLR and RCA.  The 12s2 has a bass extension of 26Hz and a max SPL of 119dB, nice!

12sHO studio subwoofer

Finally in the new KRK subwoofer range is the remarkable 12sHO woofer.  This sub has been designed to withstand the demands that go beyond the capacity of traditional power amplifiers and low frequency drivers, and to produce clear and pure sound quality.

The 12sHO is a 12” woven Kevlar high performance subwoofer with a 400w Class A-B power amplifier.  The woofer also includes a quad-vented, front-firing bass port, pre-assigned LFE channel with combo XLR-¼” TRS input, combo XLR-¼” TRS inputs with XLR outputs, bypass foot control (included) and a sweepable crossover control.  The sturdy and robust unit has a 92db signal-to-noise ratio, a superb maximum SPL of 123dB and a bass extension to 29Hz. 

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