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New Pioneer DJ Firmware and Software Updates Announced The DJ Shop Blog

Friday, 22 September 2017 13:41:16 Europe/London

New Pioneer DJ Firmware and Software Updates Announced

Pioneer DJ have certainly been busy!  What with the launch of the new XDJ-RX2 DJ system, Limited Edition White NXS2 series and Limited Edition Gold DDJ-SX2-N, they have released several firmware updates and new software too. Here is a list, with details covering all of the recent updates.


XDJ-RX2 – the Driver Software for the new system has been released.


DJM-S9 (Ver.1.08) – has new support for version 5.0 of rekordbox dj and have fixed the error message “Please connect Serato DJ” when initially loading Serato DJ.

CDJ-TOUR1 (Ver.1.50) – the DDJ-XP1 is now compatible with the Tour 1, and an ‘All Clear’ feature has been added within the ‘search’ screen. The reports that Hot Cue and track information had disappeared when using the search keyboard has now been fixed, along with the sound of popping throughout Loop when Quantize and Master Tempo were enabled.

CDJ-2000NXS2 (Ver.1.80) – The new features, and the issues that were fixed, are identical to the ones stated in the CDJ-TOUR1’s firmware update above.

XDJ-RX2 (Ver.1.11) – There are two new features, rekordbox dj HID control and rekordbox video HID control.  It is worth noting that rekordbox version 5.0 or newer is required to have full control of rekordbox video.

DDJ-RZ (Ver.1.10) – Two issues have been fixed.  The first was where demo mode/auto standby function was not working correctly with firmware 1.08 and 1.09.  The second were reports that the Needle Search did not work at times.

rekordbox dj (Ver.5.0.1) – the new rekordbox 5.0 music management software now brings you with a new KORETECH engine for a more responsive and reliable performance.  Additionally, the library management has been improved as now you are able to export your tracks on USB/SD device to all computers.  There were reports of the software crashing on the DJM-S9 when using the performance pads but this has now been rectified as a result of this latest update.

DDJ-SZ (Ver.1.21) – The accuracy of the temp slider has been improved and where the Needle Search was found not to work on some instances has been fixed.

DDJ-RZX (Ver.1.09) – the demo mode/screen saver/auto standby function appeared to not work properly with version 1.08, this has now been rectified.

XDJ-1000MK2 (Ver.1.30) - The new features, and the issues that were fixed, are identical to the ones stated in the CDJ-TOUR1’s and CDJ-2000NXS2’s firmware update above.

Update downloads

All downloads for these above mentioned updates can be found on the Pioneer DJ website, under support, where you can select your device for the appropriate and most recent update.

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