New and Improved Focusrite Clarett+ Audio Interfaces

9 September 2021

Focusrite has announced the new and improved Clarett+ audio interfaces, replacements for the original Clarett USB interfaces. The new Focusrite hardware units come in Clarett+ 2Pre Clarett+ 4Pre and Clarett+ 8Pre and are ideal for producers, engineers and artists. Improvements to the range include the independent A-D/D-A converters and high-performance mic preamps.

Re-defined clarity

The newly selected D-A converter has a greater dynamic range, from high variations to low-level detail. Focusrite has focussed their attention and expertise on the driver design and the PCB layout, which allows for the remarkably low distortion performance. Thanks to the reduced THD+N on the analogue inputs, the sound recordings are more pure, transparent and more precise than ever before.

Improved Preamp recording

The improved preamps allow every tone to be captured and ensure ultimate clarity and professionalism within recordings, including high headroom, low distortion, and low noise.

All-analogue Air

The all-analogue Air circuitry brings impedance switching and relay control, which produces clear and precise vocals by emulating the ISA110 mic preamp found within the classic Focusrite Studio Console. The same quality is assured for guitarists thanks to the ultra-high impedance JFET instrument inputs, which feature an ultra-wide audio bandwidth that captures and recreates natural guitar tones.

Improved sound output

The headphone outputs have been improved. When combined with DAC performance, even more power, precise and natural sound at all levels becomes evident, regardless of what headphones are being used. As a result, this allows artists, producers and engineers to make the very best decisions for creating their music and mixes.

Tools, tools and more tools

The Clarett+ range comes with a wide-ranging collection of software, including mixing plug-ins and virtual instruments.

Clarett+ overview

There are several technical differences between the Clarett USB and Clarett+. The Input THD+N (mid gain) was <-107dB and is now -110dB, Line Output Dynamic Range was 118dB and is now 124dB, Line Output THD+N was -103dB and is now -106dB, Headphone Output Dynamic Range was 115dB and is now 118dB and Headphone Output THD+N was -101dB and is now -104dB. The Analogue Input Dynamic Range (min gain) is the only detail to remain consistent at 118dB.

There are three hardware units within the Clarett+ range-in. The Clarett+ 2Pre is a 10-in/4-out audio interface ideal for any recording artist, Clarett+ 4Pre is an 18-in/8-out audio interface ideal for the compete creator and the Clarett+ 8Pre 18-in/20-out audio interface for the established music producer. Further details of each of the individual units can be found when following the links within the text.

Overall, the improvements to the new Clarett+ range are impressive, and we believe these audio interfaces make an excellent option for all music producers, artists and engineers, looking to create their sucessive best compositions.

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