Native Instruments KOMPLETE 13 NKS Offer

12 March 2021

Details of exciting new bundle offers from Native Instruments regarding the KOMPLETE 13 production suite range and NKS products have been released. From the 16th March 2021 to the 6th April 2021, all new KOMPLETE 13 purchases (excluding KOMPLETE 13 Select) can receive a free NKS software bundle worth up to £605. Even though KOMPLETE 13 Select is not included in this current offer, all other versions, whether full, upgraded or updated, are. Below are some in-depth details about the offers available.

KOMPLETE 13 with Moonkits

This bundle provides you with a full version of KOMPLETE 13 along with the free software in the form of Moonkits, worth £159. KOMPLETE 13 includes over 65 premium products, over 35,000 sounds and 20+ Expansions.

Moonkits is from plug-in partner Soniccouture and includes live percussions, blues, jazz and breakbeats. You can design your own patterns and switch out sticks, rods, brushes and mallets. There is also the option to build your own kits recorded by skilful drummers from Konk Studios in London.

KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE with Moonkits and Analog Strings

This bundle provides you with a full version of KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE along with the free software in the form of Moonkits and Analog Strings, worth £338. KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE includes over 115 premium instruments and effects from quirky synths to symphonic sample libraries and 39 Expansions.

Moonkits is as described in the package deal above. Analog Strings is from plug-in partner Output and marries traditional orchestral sounds with futuristic sound design, including sampled feedback, piano plucks, vintage synths, resonance, noise, and more, teamed with a sampled 60-piece string orchestra, solo musicians and 22-piece orchestra.

KOMPLETE 13 COLLECTOR’S EDITION with Moonkits, Analog Strings and Indie

This bundle provides you with a full version of KOMPLETE 13 COLLECTOR'S EDITION along with free software in the form of Moonkits, Analog Strings and Indie, worth £605. KOMPLETE 13 COLLECTOR’S EDITION includes over 120 premium instruments and effects and 73 Expansion sound packs. 

Moonkits and Analog Strings is as described in the packages deals above. Indie is from Plug-in partner Sonokinetic and aims to combine real-time performances with harmonies and melodies through its streamlined interface. Indie is perfect for minimalist soundtracks providing a lighter yet characterful sound on a closer scale. It includes woodwind instruments, string, brass and melodic percussion.

These offers are only available until the beginning of April, so take advantage of the free software whilst you can.

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