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Mixfader - Industry’s first portable wireless fader! The DJ Shop Blog

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 12:19:31 Europe/London

The DJ Shop would like to introduce the Mixfader. This is the industries, and worlds, first wireless fader.  The mere 9.2cm by 3.6cm fader is compact, robust and opens up a world of flexible scratching possibilities.

Mixfader - it's your beat

The Mixfader can be used with both Timecode and standard audio vinyl, which is a first. This amazing little device can be used to scratch on a touch screen and both USB or analogue driven turntables. Not only that, it is compatible with MIDI standard, which enables mainstream production software to be mapped, including Serato, Traktor or GarageBand.

It does not matter which way up the fader is placed; it can work both ways, known as the Hamster (reverse) switch.  Due to this level of flexibility, you can place the device where it suits you best; it does not matter then if you are left or right handed.  It has rubber casing on the bottom to keep it intact with the surface when in use, no matter how rigorous this may get.  The fader includes role assignment, crossfader curve modification and cut-in point control.

Mixfader - Industry’s first portable wireless fader!

Mixfader and Touchscreen

Mixfader has a dedicated DJ app, and it works in conjunction with edjing Mix or edjing Pro, both available from the App Store and Google Play (Windows 10 supports edjing Pro only).  This means you can scratch anytime and from anywhere, directly from your Smartphone or tablet.  The apps themselves replicate a real vinyl turntable including the accuracy, characteristics and sound.  Additionally, the display includes all your normal controls e.g. volume fader, hot cues, pitch knob and DJ FX.

Mixfader and Turntables

All you need to do is plug in the fader to your turntable to start scratching - nothing complicated!  As mentioned in the intro, this clever device can be used with Timecode and standard audio vinyl, and with either USB or analogue turntables.

When connected, the Mixfader DJ app acknowledges your turntable and allows you to select the display.  This feature is most useful for scratching on portable turntables and is particularly useful when providing the capability to view other features and settings.

Mixfader and MIDI

Mainstream music production software can be used with the Mixfader which includes Serato DJ, Traktor and GarageBand.  MIDI mode can be selected, through an established Bluetooth connection, of the Mixfader Companion app.  This will allow you to control the dedicated device you have connected and gain full access to its information.

To close

The Mixfader has been through rigorous testing, and some of the top DJs have given their approval, so much so, they have provided tutorial videos to assist with improving technique and to gain insightful knowledge.  This is a product of the future, especially leaning ever more towards the age of digital djing!

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