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The Numark Lightwave is the ideal powered loudspeaker for any festive situation The DJ Shop Blog

Friday, 27 March 2015 13:39:16 Europe/London

The DJ Shop is proud to announce the brand new Numark Lightwave powered loudspeaker with Dual Led Arrays. 

Numark Lightwave

The Numark Lightwave is the ideal powered loudspeaker for any festive situation where exciting LED lighting is required to brighten up the venue. This combined with exceptional sound and build quality makes the Numark Lightwave the ultimate party speaker with a very affordable price tag.  

The Numark Lightwave Speaker has Five customizable lighting modes which includ: Mix, Mood, Pulse, Meter and Party. The brightness control lets you adjust or disable the LEDs. The Lightwave also has custom Colour Control which can be used to easily adjust the desired mix of Blue, Green, and Red lighting leds helping to provide visual flair to any DJ or other performance.

There are several small to medium sized events where the venue would require a high quality DJ/PA sound system along with an array of lighting such as: pubs, weddings, karaoke, pool parties, graduation parties and reunions. In all these events large, expensive, complex stacks of pa and lighting equipment are both unsuitable and needless. Numark Lightwave speakers fulfil all the requirements with one easily transportable, easy-to-set up unit.

The Numark Lightwave Speaker has rubberized feet with a standard 36mm pole socket for optional stand mounting, (1) XLR+¼-inch combo, Stereo RCA and ⅛-inch inputs for microphones, DJ mixers, or instruments such as guitars and keyboards. 

The 200 watt, ultra-portable Numark Lightwave is the essential speaker system to add style and class to your party! 

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