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Friday, 1 May 2015 15:24:44 Europe/London

Novation Launchpad Pro MIDI Controller

Novation Launchpad Pro Midi Controller is the professional pad instrument which allows any artist to form creative, dynamic and expressive performances in Ableton Live and any other music software, using an 8x8 grid of RGB velocity-sensitive pads to trigger and combine clips, create dynamic beats, bash out melodic lines and control your external hardware.

Novation understand the pressures of performing live:

Novation understand the pressures of performing live. That’s why they have made it as easy as possible to control Ableton Live with Launchpad Pro, by building in four simple modes that streamline everything for you:

  • Note Mode: create dynamic beats and play the grid just like an instrument.
  • Device Mode: easily apply effects to your performance.
  • User Mode: create unique custom performances and layouts
  • Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clips.

Launchpad Pro USB Controller is intended to keep you focused on your performance:

The Launchpad Pro USB Controller is intended to keep you focused on your performance. It lets you effortlessly and directly apply effects from your favourite software, while dipping in and out of specific mixer controls at the touch of a button. Best of all if you want to get really creative, you can construct and programme just about anything you can imagine buy using the  Max for Live plug-in from Ableton and use your Launchpad Pro to control it. It's sleek, lightweight and sturdy enough that you can throw it in your bag and know it will survive even the roughest gigs. It also comes with everything you need to get started: just plug it in via the USB and start making music on your laptop or tower computer. 

watch the video below, and follow this link to the launchpad pro page-

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