Launchkey MK3 Range Firmware Update v1.1

1 April 2021

Novation announces a new firmware update in the form of version 1.1 for the Launchkey Mini MK3 and Launchkey MK3 keyboard controllers. The update brings with it Strum Mode, applicable for both units, where the feature allows you to play chords across the strum wheel.

Strum mode has been created to enhance creativity and add a little extra to the melody.
Strum Mode can be turned on by holding shift and pressing the key with the circle on, followed by turning on Arp. When you press a key, you won’t hear a chord. Instead, keep holding and move the mod wheel up or down. When activating fixed chord mode, the chords can be heard more clearly. 

Within the chord strum, the arpeggiator parameters can be accessed. This can be achieved by pressing and holding Arp, which unlocks the arp control lock. There is an excellent video by Novation that delves deeper into the arpeggiator parameters feature.

Launchkey Mini MK3 further updates

In addition to strum mode, v1.1 brings with it a few extra updates specifically for the Launchkey Mini MK3. The first of the new features include a double-tap shift function for arp and fixed chord modes. This is where one-handed control of shift-modified buttons is enabled through the double-tap, which effectively holds the shift button. A second new feature is the ability to adjust the pad brightness, which is great for adapting to user preference and environmental settings. Finally, there is toggle pad velocity where the user has the option to turn it on or off and toggle MIDI clock output where the clock from the MIDI port can be switched on or off.

Most of these updates respond to user feedback, which is pleasant and reassuring to know that brands such as Novation listen to their front-end users.

Launchkey MK3 Overview

Launchkey MK3 are a range of keyboard controllers designed for use in creating tracks using Ableton Live. The keyboards contain a whole host of features designed to inspire and add to the creative process, including sparking off new ideas. The Launchkey MK3’s work with Ableton Live integration; however, if you are not an Ableton user, don’t fear as they work very well with Logic and Reason and other DAWs via HUI, including Cubase, Pro Tools, and Studio One. Launchkey Keyboard Controllers come in four sizes 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key, so finding the right one for your needs and available space is a breeze.

Launchkey Mini MK3 Overview

The Launchkey Mini MK3 is a portable, lightweight keyboard controller for music production on the go. Don’t underestimate its size, it may be compact, but it is still crammed with high functioning features that help support the creative process and come up with new ideas. As with the standard Launchkey Keyboard controller range, it is still Ableton based; however, it can be used with other well-known DAWs. There is nothing stopping you from producing music at any time, wherever you are.

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