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KRK Systems announce the New KRK V Series 4 Studio Monitors The DJ Shop Blog

Friday, 30 September 2016 16:00:00 Europe/London

KRK V Series 4 Studio Monitors

KRK are introducing their fourth generation of near-field monitors in the form of the new S4 V series. They comprise of the new V4S4 (4-inch), V6S4 (6-inch) and V8S4 (8-inch).  The V Series 4 has been developed and built upon the pre-existing generations of KRK studio monitors for which they have become well known for.  KRK have worked with numerous ‘experts’ within the music industry to ensure the reproduction accuracy kevel of these monitors is at its greatest and thus have been designed for use with audio production applications in mind.

So lets focus on the features for a moment.  Included within the robust monitor outer shell is a bi-amped Class D amplification, 49 diverse DSP driven EQ presets, 14 user controlled EQ settings, Kevlar tweeter (especially designed for KRK) and Woven Kevlar woofer (again specifically designed for KRK).

The studio monitors also produce mid and high frequency EQs, acoustic and desk loading condition correction low frequency EQs, an exact input level reduction switch and EVA foam padding for non-skid and acoustic isolation.

Finally, the design of the S4 speakers also contains an optimised front ported bass reflex area, several LED indicators for Standby, input sensitivity, logo and ground lift, friction lock, Neutrix combo (XLR and TRS) connection, an option to have grille protection (for mobile broadcast apps) and the units can be mounted to a number of brackets thanks to their universal mounting points!

With the specs, accuracy and quality of the sound output, what more could you really ask for from such a reasonably priced, sought after, speaker!

The KRK S4 V Series is available from early November 2016 priced between £399 - £699 depending on speaker size.

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